Day: October 21, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 223 – Cartoon

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Cartoon: a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine


I enjoyed cartoons as a child, but I hardly ever watch them anymore. I have seen a few newer ones (Paw Patrol or Dora the Explorer) when visiting with friends or family who have younger children, but it’s not often we have the television or mobile device turned on with a cartoon. The reason I chose it as today’s 365 Daily Challenge word is two-fold: (1) I am seeing so many commercials for them lately which have made me curious to watch them again and (2) I am wondering if I ever act like a character from a cartoon show? I think the first reason is fairly straightforward, but how could I compare myself to those characters from my favorite shows…

I watched several as a child, but the ones sticking out were The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tom and Jerry, Inspector Gadget, Bugs Bunny, The Smurfs, Garfield, and of course, all the Disney shows. The Smurfs and Scooby Doo were probably my favorites, mostly because of the imagination and mystery aspects, which are the two things I can most relate to. Saturday mornings resting on the couch while eating breakfast and waking up to these shows are always good memories. It’s been replaced with checking all the key social media, email and other pertinent websites on the Internet. That doesn’t seem fair, now does it?

Cartoon characters are quite memorable. They do things we wish we could do. They make us laugh. They make us cry. We relate to the silliest of things yet know it’s a completely far away world. Oh, to be blue like a smurf! I think I was in love with Smurfette for a few years… now what does that say about me knowing who I am today! (I also loved Gargamel, so let’s NOT go there!) I preferred Velma on Scooby Doo, as Daphne and Fred were too rigid. While over the top and often not the best role models, some of these characters probably helped formulate who I am and how I think. I didn’t watch shows like Sesame Street or Reading Rainbow; they weren’t really my style. Nothing wrong with them, but I preferred to read books than watch TV shows. Cartoons, however, were my escape for entertainment when I needed to be silly. Today, when I need to be silly, it’s usually dancing or drinking.

Maybe it’s time to return to cartoon days and ease on into my Saturday mornings… what do you think? It would still be the old-school ones, as I’m not sure I can handle today’s versions. Which ones did you watch as a kid? Do you watch any still today? What about your kids? I’m feeling some Inspector Gadget this weekend…


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