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365 Challenge: Day 226 – Studio

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Studio: (a) room where an artist, photographer or sculptor works, or (b) film or television production company


When I first thought of the word studio today, I remembered the movie ‘Studio 54.’ I rather enjoyed that movie, as I’m fascinated by all things from that generation. I missed it by a few years, but that might be a good thing; who knows how different my life would have been if I grew up in the 60s and 70s… but those are not the two definitions of today’s word that I plan to discuss.

Who has a studio, whether it’s in your home or in some other location? I’m envious of you. It sounds professional, charming and artistic. To have a space you can go where you create beauty and life, but have little worry or interruption. To be able to tell someone you’re off to the studio for a few hours… sounds amazing. All your materials, stored in one location, ready for your fingers and mind to develop something from scratch. Whether you paint or sculpt, draw or write, create greeting cards or gifts, it’s a passion we can hopefully all identify with in some way. Living in NYC does not make it possible for me to have a studio, unless I were to rent a space in a distant part of one of the boroughs. And even then, real estate is just too expensive. I think when I move back to the suburbs (it will happen), one of the requirements is a studio, where I can truly separate myself from my work and my life. Although I love my role these days, it feels 24/7. A studio might offer that special place where you can find the magic without being in the same place all day long.

The other kind of studio fascinates me almost as much as a personal space of creativity. Does anyone here work in a music, movie or television studio where you produce entertainment day after day? Imagine being part of creating a story in words or pictures that brings enjoyment to millions of people whenever they hear or see the final product? I was surprised to learn that a studio opened in my tiny hometown on Long Island. I grew up in Bethpage, New York, where the only famous thing about it, well two famous things, or three if you count me (ha, that’s was seriously awful)… was (1) Grumman, an aerospace company that built tons of weaponry and airplanes and (2) Bethpage was once known as Central Park, but 1920s New York inhabitants and visitors got confused whenever people said “I’m going to Central Park.” Did they mean the NYC park or the sleepy Long Island town? Today, Grumman Aerospace is much smaller and a huge piece was converted to Grumman Studios, where several movies and TV shows are filmed. It’s cool to think that happens in your hometown, but even more cool when you tour studios across the country. I’ve been to a few in California, always enjoying the backstage looks and scenery. I feel the power and energy of something being born within those walls. And it’s amazing to walk through outdoor spots you recognize from your favorite shows.

Maybe someday I’ll be involved in a studio production of something I’ve written in my own home studio… a boy can dream… I enjoyed today’s word, but it was not one I thought of on my own.  Thank you to the wonderful Janet’s Smiles for today’s 365 Daily Challenge word idea! If you don’t know or haven’t met her, go check out her site for her wonderful approach to life. Maybe she’ll tell us how she feels about the word ‘studio.’ I enjoy her posts as they make you laugh, believe and smile. Kudos to Janet!


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