Watching Glass Shatter: Upcoming News & Key Links (Poll, GIVEAWAY, Surprises)

The Watching Glass Shatter blog book tour kicks off this weekend. In advance of Sunday’s debut, I wanted to share a few key links for everyone participating in this amazing event. It’s going to be an exciting 15 days full of book reviews, interviews, giveaways, polls, special posts and a few surprise reveals. Bookmark the links below to stay on top of it all!!!

Book Purchase

  • Available in both electronic form (PDF, MOBI or ePub) and physical form
  • Buy @ Amazon

Book Reviews

  • In addition to Goodreads and Amazon, you can find a central link to everyone’s book reviews on their blogs here.

Blog Tour Posts

  • Each day, I’ll update a page on this site with the blogger’s book tour post here.


  • Jina @ Author Inspiration is hosting a GIVEAWAY for a free e-copy of the book. Feel free to share her post; you can see the guidelines and enter here.
  • I will announce a Goodreads Giveaway free signed physical copy available for entry from 11/10 thru 11/30.

Goodreads Debut Author Award Nominations (By 11/5)

  • If you want to vote for Watching Glass Shatter in the Goodreads Choice 2017 Book Awards, the book is eligible for many categories, including as a write-in vote for ‘Debut Goodreads Author.’ You can vote here for Round 1 by 11/5 by scrolling to the bottom and entering in Watching Glass Shatter, then clicking Submit.

Favorite Character Poll

  • Enter the poll to choose your favorite character thru 11/20. You can choose from all the major family members or submit your own write-in vote.

Subscribe to Newsletter

  • Subscribe to my newsletter to receive special content and plans for 2018.


  1. I was just on Amazon and it’s still only available in Kindle edition. Any idea when the hard copy will be available? I don’t own a Kindle and reading books on my Android is not that fun, so I want to buy the hard copy.

    Liked by 1 person

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