Watching Glass Shatter: Blog Tour Day 1 – A Book Review, A Conversation and Breaking News (Sequel!)

It’s DAY 1 of the WatchingGlassShatter Book Blog Tour. Invisible No More has kicked off this fantastic event with
a Book Review, a Conversation and Breaking News about the GLASS family. Read her post below to see more! Thank you so much to her for all efforts.



Welcome, to the Watching Glass Shatter Blog Tour!!

Today we celebrate the debut novel by James J. Cudney


Book Review

Watching Glass Shatter

James J. Cudney

4.5/5 stars

Most first time novelists will keep their story simple and the number of characters to a minimum, in order to manage the task of development and continuity within the narrative. This strategy makes perfect sense and has been successfully employed, many times, by young writers looking to produce a strong, first effort.  Numerous moving parts can be difficult to pull off even for seasoned writers, so many debut novels will be lacking a particular depth, or breadth, within the story itself.  James J. Cudney boldly ignored that safe path and crafted a story full of colorful, flawed and relatable people who have, not only their own demons to wrestle, but issues to resolve that affect the future of their entire family.


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  1. I am loving your book. A little more than half through book. I’m always wish I had more children however the more You have the more problems That you can have. I thought their family life was a good one. Ben was very loving and caring. I don’t think Olivia was any Different than most mothers, worried all the time and trying to control 5 boys. I can’t wait to find out which son the Letter is for. Thanks a great read that I cannot put down. Started yesterday and I’m on chapter 18 by the end of the evening.

    Thanks Carmella In your blog it says you review movies also?

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    • Hi. I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

      Families are so complex. All the dynamics. I am an only child so a lot comes from friends and extended family. Thanks so much for finding me on here! Can’t wait to see your final thoughts. 🙂

      I do review some movies. I have not had a lot of time lately but there are three are four on the blog right now.


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