Watching Glass Shatter: Blog Tour Day 2 -The Next Big Thing In Writing Is Here (Radio Spot!)

Kudos to the amazing Melanie Mole for hosting Day 2 on the #WatchingGlassShatter book blog tour — and revealing a special surprise about an upcoming radio broadcast for the release of my book. Read her post to find out when / where for my radio debut: Nov 14th @ 6PM EST.

Thank you so much for being a part of the blog tour. You have been amazing since the day we met, introducing me to so many people and opening so many doors.

These questions were fantastic and helped give everyone a sense of who I am. I loved your Artist First radio segment and thank you for helping me get mine set up. What a fun way to promote our books!

Melanie Mole

WGS-banner (2)

If you are really lucky, once in lifetime, you may get within a thousand miles of the next big thing. But, I feel honoured to say, that I believe I have found that in Jay (James) Cudney!

As soon as we started chatting earlier this year, I knew that he had something special to share with us.

He has already achieved so much, but has been working towards his dream goal of being a writer too. As soon as I read his new novel Watching Glass Shatter, I knew that it was something special.

So, I couldn’t wait to be able to share my interview with Jay below, and to be part of his amazing blog tour!

Hello Jay, and thank you for agreeing to visit my blog on your tour.

Thank YOU! I have so much to be grateful to you for, starting with leading me to the…

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