Book Review: Search for Maylee by Didi Oviatt


Didi Oviatt’s novel, Search For Maylee, is a must-read for suspense and thriller fans. I’d seen Didi’s name all over Goodreads and various blogs, finding myself curious to know more about this novelist. When I looked up her author profiles, I was surprised to see she had a few books already out in the market. I read the descriptions and settled on this one being my introduction to her canon; although I haven’t read the others yet (spoiler alert – I will be reading them) I’m confident this is the right one to start with. Wow, what a ride. And the best part, she’s a well-known blogger who you can follow here on WordPress:

Book Review

The premise seems basic: Autumn’s niece was kidnapped years ago and might be dead, but Autumn won’t let it rest until she knows for sure. Nothing is ever that simple, right? With only one small clue to go on, Autumn moves away from her hometown in search of the potential lead. When she arrives, nothing goes as she expected. The detective on the case follows her. She meets a group of somewhat younger guys who really challenge her to be someone different than she’s ever been before. Then she stumbles upon something far bigger and worse than just what happened to her niece. No one ever told her life would be easy, and this becomes quite clear once she throws caution to the wind and puts herself directly in the middle of a very twisty case.

The novel begins out rather slowly telling the history of Maylee and Autumn. You grow fond of the two women, saddened over the kidnapping and loss. Readers don’t know whether Maylee is still alive or not, and they won’t find out until the very end of the novel. Didi Oviatt takes on this journey inch by inch, pulling us into the story, the search for clues, and the budding romances until somewhere around 33%, you’re suddenly heaved into this huge dramatic arc. You only learn small pieces at a time, but with each layer, you become more invested and concerned over which of Autumn’s new friends might not exactly be trustworthy.

Autumn grows in the journey. I thought she was too quiet and nervous in the beginning, but that’s what happens when someone you love is stolen. By the middle of the book, she’s the kind of person you want to have as your best friend – full of sass, humor and strength. While parts of this story are your typical kidnapping suspense and thriller ride, there are several stronger layers building in the background. When you hit the climactic scenes, which last so much longer than normal (and it’s a really good thing!), you can’t help but speed read. I had to stop myself a few times because I was skipping passages — not because I didn’t want to read them — but because I had to know if Maylee was alive. Luckily, I caught myself after the third time and went back a few pages, forcing myself to read more slowly, searching for little clues in each of Didi’s passages. I felt certain she buried hints in there. Since I won’t include any spoilers here, you’ll just have to read the novel to figure it out for yourself.

When you read this book, and you should if you like suspense, thriller or mystery fiction, sit back and enjoy the words as they are written. Great care was taken and deliberate choices were made to keep the first section of this book a bit more slower paced than a normal novel of this genre; it seems concerning at first, but that build-up is what prepares you for the fantastic explosions as they happen later on.

I am already planning to read another of her books at the end of the year as I want to see the range of her style, tone and story-telling abilities. Get on this coaster and roll with it, Baby!


I’m hoping she’ll agree to do an author alert in the coming weeks!!!

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  1. Fantastic Review Jay!!!💯🎊😊📚 You really know how to catch the essence of the story and grab your readers’ attention. Search for Maylee is one of my top favorite books!😍 That ending was so bittersweet though! I’m glad you enjoyed Didi’s book. She is awesome! I can’t wait until I fit your book in my schedule, hopefully that will be soon!😊📚😎💯 Reading your blog posts makes me that much more excited!😉

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