Book Review: The Author by Jordan Antonacci

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Book Review 
I stumbled on this author and his book several months ago via his blog. When I read a synopsis of the plot, it hit all the sweet spots for my love of thriller and suspense novels: serial killers, twists, writers, subtle relationships and cops. After I read the intro chapter he shared with his followers, I was quick to get a copy of The Author once it launched a few weeks ago.


As a debut novel, it shows great potential for Jordan Antonacci’s writing career. He has built an intricate story with several red herrings and likely suspects, clearly creating several points of suspense where you change your mind on who the culprit is throughout the novel. His descriptions of crime scenes and the emotional state of the detective, who is much closer to the case than you’d expect (not a spoiler, he knows some of the victims), are bountiful and vivid. Jordan’s attention to detail and creativity will take him far as he masters his craft and delivers future novels.

As a story, this has a few twists and turns, woven with the detective’s own interest in writing a novel and meeting his favorite author. Given the title, you know there will be a lot of components and layers to the story – and there are a few which you don’t think are important at first, but slowly come to realize there’s more bubbling under the surface. I couldn’t tell who I was supposed to trust and that’s a good way to keep the tone fresh. The plot of ‘The Author’ is solid and the characters seem real through their suffering.

Some parts of the novel were a strong and a feverish read; others felt a bit slower paced which doesn’t always work to the author’s advantage. I would have liked a few more chapters teasing us about the different potential killers rather than a few of the times we were inside the detective’s head, learning more about his own issues and goals. It was interesting, but it might have popped even more with the extra suspense.

It’s always a good feeling to get in on the early stages of someone’s career. I enjoyed the novel, I like the author’s style and I will read more of his work when he releases it.

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