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Watching Glass Shatter: Blog Tour Day 16b – Two Posts & Bonus Surprise

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As the blog tour comes to an end this week, we have today’s final scheduled post from Brina @ 5171 Mile Book Club — thank you to her for taking a chance on me and reading the book. I appreciate her joining the blog tour team. Go check out her site!

We also have a fun Q&A about the book launch with a wonderful author, Cathleen Townsend. You should all check out her site below (first link) and see her books. I’ll be doing a review on one of them in the next few weeks. It sounds great. 🙂

SPECIAL SURPRISE: Tomorrow is a fellow blogger’s birthday and she will be releasing her own book review / post on Watching Glass Shatter. She and I have been chatting since the beginning of my blog, and she wanted to do a BONUS final post to end the blog tour. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see it. Stay tuned tomorrow 11/21 for the conclusion of the tour!

via Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney–Book Review and Author Interview

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365 Challenge: Day 253 – Walk (RYDER RANT)

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Walk: a little jaunt around the neighborhood to help keep me trim


No, that’s not me in the pic — just another shiba inu

It’s been quite a weekend, I tell ya. I’ve been on 3 walks in the last 3 days. I guess they mean business. I went to the groomer on Friday and had a nice long walk back and forth. Dad 2 took me on Saturday all around the neighborhood, then Dad 1 took me on Sunday before they went to the movies to see ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’ I would have liked to go, but the movie theatre doesn’t allow my kind there. How rude! I heard they liked the movie (nothing too great), but wow, did Dad 1 complain about the price of the tickets. They went to a 12:20 showing and each ticket was $19. He mumbled something about remembering when it was $7 as a child; wow, he’s older than I thought! Anyhoo… they forgot to bring me home popcorn. I was not pleased. I did enjoy my walks, but I am getting older, too. I get a little lazy after 15 minutes and prefer to stare into people’s windows. Dad doesn’t like it because he thinks I’m being nosy. He really just doesn’t want people thinking he’s staring inside, too.

The groomer was OK. My paw hurts now from getting my nails clipped. I’m walking with a bit of a limp as a result. I’m not sure if they clipped too closely or held my leg too tightly, but it’s a bit sore. I also think I am getting a cold as my nose is a little runny today. I’ve slept in bed (their bed, to be precise) until 9 every day for the last week. They’re usually up by 7:30 and so they worried I might be sick. I think I’m OK, but I know Dad 1 keeps coming over to check my nose, rub my head and cuddle. Maybe he’s not so bad after all, what do you think? They keep telling me no treats and wow, they’ve been sticking to it. I haven’t gotten any of their dinner in over a week. I got a cracker and a carrot one day, but that’s it! Maybe that’s why I am sick… not enough good food. They promise I’ll get some on Thanksgiving, but that feels like FOREVER!

We worked on addressing Christmas cards yesterday. Or to be precise, Dad 2 worked on Christmas cards. I just stamped them all when he was done. Dad 1 doesn’t have time for that right now, nor is he thinking about the holidays yet. He’s got a few more days on this book blog tour and then he can settle down again. He’s getting a bit repetitive and grumpy about it, too. I know he loves it, but he feels like he needs to talk about something else so as not to bore everyone. He told me he’ll finish book 2, Father Figure, this week and do a final read through before it goes out to the beta readers. That sounds fun… but he also said there weren’t any doppelgangers for me in this book. How rude!

I need a nap. Have a lovely Thanksgiving week and please say hello to all my pet friends. -Ryder


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Watching Glass Shatter: Blog Tour Day 16a – By Hook or By Book (Cadbury Pom)

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When a blog by the name of ‘By Hook or By Book’ joins the tour, you know it will be a fun one. If you haven’t met Kim, please stop by her link below to check out the review she’s done on my book. I am grateful to her for such a detailed and emotional review; she’s been a fantastic blogger to connect with before I even told anyone about the book… and it just continues nearly 6 months later as we’ve gotten to know one anothe. Thank you to her… please spend some more time on her site — you’ll find tons of great books, reviews and other great fun!

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