Day: December 4, 2017

365 Challenge: Day 267 – Needle (RYDER RANT)

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Needle: a very fine slender piece of metal with a point at one end and a hole or eye for thread at the other, used in sewing, to give shots to someone or draw blood from a dog


Hi. It’s Ryder. Unfortunately, I had a very bad weekend. I’d rather not discuss it, but I feel like you’d want to know. So… Friday morning was my 6-month trip to the vet. I go twice a year to get a shot. This time it was bordetella, which allows me to go to the groomer or get boarded when the Dads go away. It’s required by law. When I got there, Dad told the vet about my entire week spent in bed and my sore foot. He asked for blood work. I usually get blood work once per year to check the levels for any adjustments to my anti-seizure medicine. Anyways, the vet, who I normally like, informed us that I had two more shots due in January and that I could get them early if I wanted. I don’t like shots, but I’d rather get it all done at once, so I said yes. That’s when it happened!

I normally don’t like my toe nails being clipped; that’s when I whine a bit. Dad thinks maybe that’s how I hurt my foot last time. I also don’t like being stabbed with a needle. Yes, stabbed. I whine then, too. Usually just a little. But this time, it was not good. I whined for ten minutes. Very loudly. Everyone heard me. They stuck my left leg to find a vein. Then my right one. Then my neck. I was very, very sad and let them know it. I screeched so loudly, it was probably heard all the way across town. Poor Dad… he ended up canceling the blood work because they couldn’t get me to calm down. I’ve never done that before, but it hurt this time. I don’t know why. Even I admit I exaggerated the pain.

So we went home. Dad felt bad for me, but he also was a little upset with me that I wouldn’t let the vet take my blood. That just means we have to go back in a few months ago. Yuck. But then it gets worse. I must have been in really awful mood this weekend. They put up Christmas decorations in a few rooms. I never take things I’m not supposed to take. But when they went shopping and then to dinner on Saturday, I might have accidentally pulled down some of the garland. And a large stick of red berries might have fallen to the floor. There’s a small chance I ate it, too. I have never eaten anything like that before. As a puppy, I never ate or scratched anything I shouldn’t have. So… 25 red painted styrofoam balls ended up in my belly. When they got home, they saw me napping on the floor and all the wires and sticks laying next to me. All the food was in my bowl, too. Oops!

Of course, they thought I hurt myself. They checked all over the Internet to see what they should do. Since it had been over two hours, there was no use in making me vomit, as it was already into my intestines (sorry for any images). But this is where the Dads worry for no reason. I was still eating my normal food afterwards. I did ‘my business’ the next day with no issues. I’m good today. So it’s all fine now, but I think they were a bit frustrated with me this weekend. The only positive: one of the suggestions was to give me plenty of bread to help with digestion. I got a bunch which was really the whole point of it anyway… they still aren’t feeding me enough treats and snacks. And that mean vet told them I am two pounds heavier than last time. He also said that’s why I am no longer jumping on the couch by myself and instead ask to be picked up. Phew… what a week. Hope it gets better!

Dad wanted me to announce his special ‘This Is My Truth Now 2017 Blog Award’ but unfortunately, WordPress is not cooperating, so it will take another couple of days. But stay tuned… one day this week, we will tell everyone about this very cool award. Until then, I’ll be in search of something else I can destroy this week. I seem to be turning into a bad little boy this holiday season!


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