Book Review: Lady on the Hill: Biltmore Estate by Howard E. Covington, Jr.

Book Review: I read Lady on the Hill: How Biltmore Estate Became an American Icon by Howard E. Covington Jr. over the last two weeks, absorbing a few chapters each night to reminisce over my stay at the beautiful estate last September. I miss it and want to go back right now, but alas, a short book review will have to do.


It’s a 3.5 star read for me — a good account of the transition of the estate from what it originated as through what it became in early 2000. I don’t often read non-fiction unless it’s someone famous I admire in history (I don’t read current celebrity/political books, just not usually my thing) or a great account of some marvel or period in history. This fell into the second category, as I was anxious to learn about how the Vanderbilts changed over the years. It’s hard to maintain a fresh voice in a book that is informational. At times, I felt this was a tad dry, even for the type of book it is. I went in knowing there’d be information dumps, partial history and a different take on how it currently runs. I learned a lot more than I did on my visit, but at the same time, it felt like it was missing enough of a lure to keep me wanting to read more. The writing is strong. The information is great. Yet, it came from a starting place of facts rather than the passion behind everything that went into the estate. You feel it from the Cecil family in a few chapters, but not always. The author did a good job at balancing all the information, and it’s worth a read for anyone who loves the estate. If it’s your first time to get acquainted, it might be a difficult read. All in all, I’m glad I revisited the place and took the time to read over several weeks in between other books, as it made the magic last a bit longer.

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  1. The Biltmore is a lovely estate and deserves to get its story told. It seems the author had more of a need to relate history than a passion to share a story (and of course there must be many stories behind the estate). I think it was great that you saw it first and had an introduction to it before tackling this book. I think if I were to accept the challenge, I would follow your lead and just read a few chapters a night. Good plan!

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    • I agree with you on the Biltmore. I adored the tours and walking around on my own. I think the book was meant to be more of a post-build look at the estate, not the definitive book to capture an audience for the history. It was still a good read. Have a great day, thanks for sharing.

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