Book Review: Spectrum Collection of Short Stories by S. C. Jensen

Why This Book 
One of the authors in this short story collection, Spectrum: A Colorful Collection of SmartyPants’ Best, is someone I’ve met, so I had to read the whole book coordinated by another author, S.C. Jensen. I was heading out of town for a few days and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to digest a few stories each day.


Approach & Style 
This book is a collection of about 25 to 30 short stories, organized by various colors on the wheel, a kaleidoscope of fiction, hence the term Spectrum. I found the approach quite interesting, and read a color each day from the Kindle Reader version in my iPad. The book has about 250 pages with each story ranging from 5 to 15 in length. The genres run the gamut of fantasy and science fiction to romance, mystery and contemporary fiction. It has something for everyone.

Overall Thoughts 
Of all the stories, a few spoke to me the most and deserve 5 stars:

Sweet Pea by Cammie Adams is at the top. It’s a charming and cozy story about another side of life, one many of us are not familiar with: a homeless person who needs help, and gets an opportunity in an unexpected way. The characters are vivid; they tug at your emotions, especially the relationship between 1 person and 1 animal. The ability to see another perspective is also quite strong — you’ll think differently about someone you see on the street who needs a helping hand. It can turn out positive if you do the right thing sometimes. The voice is clear, the plot hums along and the book delivers a heartwarming ending. I look forward to more from this author.

Skipping Rocks by M.D. Pitman was another wonderful tale about a child’s view of the world, including how to deal with unexpected consequences. I almost wanted to cry for the poor father only trying to do something fun for his daughter, stuck with an impact he couldn’t have expected. It will make your heart hurt a little — in a good way, to know what parents go through.

Over by Kerry E.B. Black was another fantastic story about parents and children. I seem to gravitate to these types of connections and relationships, but you’ll see what an ordinary family goes through every day. Life’s not easy, but this one will teach you the value of a good mother who knows how to care for her children at bedtime!

And of course, Hunger, by the collaborator and main author, S.C. Jensen, wrote a wonderful thriller. I was definitely intrigued enough to want to read more from Jensen in the future – great way to gain our interest!

Many of the rest were quite good. A few pushed the boundaries of what I enjoy reading, but none were bad — they simply didn’t appeal to me due to my preferences as a reader. All were well-written and had strong voices.

Final Thoughts 
If you enjoy short stories and want to take on different authors and genres, this is a great opportunity to become acquainted with diversity and a diverse range of reads. Many of the stories were outstanding, a few missed the boat for me, but overall, it was a very strong read. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something unique and fun — different the ordinary voice.

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