Book Review: Missing by Ann Jones

Why This Book 
I connected with the author a few months ago and liked the summary of her book. While it was free, I downloaded it, knowing I liked mystery series and would want to give it a try. In a quest to close on all open items on my TBR before January 2018 finishes, I read this one on a plane ride home from a Christmas trip to visit family. And I’m glad I did; it’s got lots of potential.


Plot, Characters & Setting 
Detective Lyn Kramer, ~32ish, works in a small town training her newest junior detective, who happens to be a few years older than her. There’s a spark between them, but she’s ignoring it while she’s trying to end another dead-end relationship. When a missing persons case is dropped on her at the last minute, she gets quite a surprise as the woman is her dead ringer. We later learn it’s her twin sister, and they were separated at a young age when their parents died of a drug overdose. There’s a lot more going on in this story, connected to her family’s past in the mob, and her grandfather’s hatred for his in-laws. As Lyn searches for her sister, she confronts a past that tormented her family, slowly learning the truth of what happened all those years ago.

Approach & Style 
This is a novella, on the shorter side of the scale, but it’s a good entry point for a new series. It gives the reader an opportunity over a ~2 hour period to decide if the characters, setting and voice work for their personal style. I read on my iPad through Kindle Reader.

Besides the author being an absolutely wonderful person from a few chats we’ve had, the book series is quite promising. I was engaged by the plot and the mystery. I liked the family drama aspects of the story. I found the relationships quite curious, especially how Lyn treats her current boyfriend (or he treats her – yikes!) and what could happen with Jud, her new partner. The writing is clean and easy to digest, presents a picture, but lets you add your own imagination to some of the setting. The suspense factor began building in various chapters. For a debut, I think this could turn into something that I look forward to reading as each new book is launched. Kudos to Ann Jones for delivering a strong first book that has all the elements of a fine mystery series.

There were a few areas that were a bit vague or open-ended, and the full background seems to be missing (no pun intended!) a few important details, but I’m not going to question it right now… as sometimes that’s the point in a mystery series. You can’t reveal everything all at once, so those details will pop up when necessary in future books, I suspect. Twins makes things fun. A girl raised by her grandfather will add a different layer to the story. And Lyn has edge… so this was a good read for me.

I will definitely continue with this series. For a debut, it has a lot of promise to deliver quality stories with memorable characters. We’ve gotten a small flavor for a handful and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

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    • Thank you. I always try to find a reason to like a book, and if I truly don’t like it, I’ll say why and mention reasons why others would like it. After someone puts so much effort in, I want to be fair and share both sides of the coin! With this one, it was a good book, so I didn’t have to worry too much about the negatives! Happy New Year!

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