365 Challenge: Day 300 – 300

300: a number that seems to follow me around a lot


Today’s word for the 365 Daily Challenge is actually a number. I had a few other thoughts planned for this post, but I need to spend time thinking about the next set of 5 Sunday list items for the challenge; I’ve opted for a quick post today — a few things about 300:

  • As a bowler — when I was younger, that is — I strove to hit that 300 mark every game. It meant 12 strikes in a row — 12 perfectly executed and timed releases knocking down all ten pins. While I came close, I haven’t ever achieved it. Nor will I, as I stopped bowling years ago. When I try to bowl the occasional game or two now, it’s usually interrupted midway by drinks, laughter and silliness. None of my friends are frequent bowlers, so inevitably, if we do bowl, it’s not taken seriously. I also feel like I’m heaving my entire body down the lane when I try to bowl recently. Perhaps age is a factor, but when I walk up the onset to the lane, there’s a part of me that thinks… ‘what am I gonna hurt this time?’
  • I’ve never seen the movie 300, but I’ve been a fan of Gerard Butler for years. Not sure why I didn’t watch it, other than I tend to avoid ‘war’ movies, but I love ancient Greek battles. I think that’s what it’s about… who knows… perhaps I’ll check it out today. It reminds me I would like to go back and read the Oedipus Rex trilogy again. It’s been almost twenty years.
  • 300 seconds is 5 minutes. (Yeah, I told you I was good at math, and that sometimes I’m Captain Obvious – LOL)… point being… whenever I do cardio, it is for 30 minutes with a 5-minute warm-up and 5-minute cool down. Those two parts are the hardest to get through. During the 30 minutes, I think about plans, writing, books, etc.; however, I actually count from 300 to 1 during the initial and final parts because I can’t wait for it to be over. I force myself to go slower, it’s usually when my body is unwilling to workout (either not ready to start or just wants to stop)… so I feel like I’ve always got the 300 count going down inside my head. When I lose track of my count, I get frustrated and then force myself to start at 300 again. I’m cruel.
  • Today is the 300th post of the 365 Daily Challenge. When I set up the templates for this week, the last one I created was #300. I vividly recall thinking: ‘Wow, you’re getting close to the end, which means it is time to start writing a few key lessons learned to share with everyone.’ But I haven’t done it. I wonder if I’ve changed in the last 300 days, either in style or voice on the blog. I may go back and re-read the early posts to see if I notice anything…

That’s probably long enough for a post today. Anyone recommend the movie 300, or should I skip it?


About Me & the “365 Daily Challenge”

I’m Jay, an author who lives in NYC. My debut novel, Watching Glass Shatter, can be purchased on Amazon @ http://mybook.to/WGS. I’ve always been a reader. And now I’m a daily blogger. I decided to start my own version of the “365 Daily Challenge” where since March 13, 2017, I’ve posted a characteristic either I currently embody or one I’d like to embody in the future. 365 days of reflection to discover who I am and what I want out of life.

The goal: Knowledge. Acceptance. Understanding. Optimization. Happiness. Help. For myself. For others. And if all else fails, humor. When I’m finished in one year, I hope to have more answers about the future and what I will do with the remainder of my life. All aspects to be considered. It’s not just about a career, hobbies, residence, activities, efforts, et al. It’s meant to be a comprehensive study and reflection from an ordinary man. Not a doctor. Not a therapist. Not a friend. Not an encyclopedia full of prior research. Just pure thought, a blogged journal with true honesty.

Join the fun and read a new post each day, or check out my book reviews, TV/Film reviews or favorite vacation spots. And feel free to like, rate, comment or take the poll for each post. Note: All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them. Many thanks to their original creators.

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  1. Congratulations Jay on your 300th challenge post!! 🎉🎈🎊 I’m getting close to it on the blog, but since I’m ahead I just passed it a few weeks ago. 😬 Enjoy this time! (Not that you usually don’t…just a friendly reminder!!) I look forward to these next 65 days.

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  2. Great post Jay! I like the number 300 as well! Interesting…I haven’t seen the movie 300 and so I can’t speak to that, but I do like that you’ve posted 300 days consecutively which I think is a reason to celebrate! Cheers to 300!! ♥

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  3. Very interesting post. Haven’t seen the movie so can’t comment. Bowling….went on ahigh school outing and did so badly I got the World’s Worst Bowler award. I was proud of that. And the cardio…..good for you …. keep it up. Lessons’s learned? “I’ve had a few….”

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  4. Happy 300! I have 300 posts but it spans 3 years. I have not seen the movie 300 so I can’t tell you anything there but bowling is another story. My husband actually has a 300 ring and is very proud of it. He had been a bowler for much of his life on several leagues but can’t do it any longer because of his back issues. I was a bowler for a while and was on a couple of leagues with him when we were younger. I even bowled into my 8th month of pregnancy with our first daughter. I definitely had to change my style to account for my growing stomach but the doctor said that it wouldn’t hurt anything. Once she was born I was able to finish the league out. I even got Most Improved Bowler!

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    • I would have liked to see you bowling at 8 months pregnant! It’s one of those sports where it’s hard to balance no matter what, but with the baby!!! Good for you. I wonder if she was stealing all your bowling strength while you were pregnant… is she a good bowler now? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL It was pretty funny. We don’t have pictures of that because it was before the age of cellphones 🙂 She doesn’t bowl much but if she was good, she would have inherited it from her dad, not me.

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  5. 300 is a wonderful movie. They’ve definitely taken artistic licence on the facts but it’s definitely worth a watch. As a huge obsessive about Greek history/mythology/Greece in general I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am not the least bit bothered about Gerrard Butler. 😂

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  6. I tend to think in numbers about a lot of things, though I would never describe myself as a “mathy” – nor would anyone who knows me. But when I do my workouts, I’m always counting in 8s, even when I’m listening to music. Happy blogging! What will you do when you finish the 365 challenge?

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    • 8’s is a good number too. I usually do 8 different exercises, but 10 or 12 sets. So I end up getting lost in my counts.

      I’ve got a few ideas post 365. I won’t take on a daily blog post again. Maybe 3 regular per week to ensure anyone interested knows what days/templates/formats I post in, but then random whenever something comes up. I’d like to do a ‘things you should learn by 21’ segment, a recommended book/author segment (author alert), and a writer’s process series… but then there’s too many ideas to balance!

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  7. Wow, 300 posts on 300 consecutive days, that is amazing. Congratulations. I started watching 300 once but didn’t finish it, I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I was also a bowler for many years, but never came close to a 300 game. My mom used to be an awesome 5-pin bowler. Her perfect game would have been 450. Have a great day.

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  8. wow jay, i can’t believe, that you’ve done 300 posts. that’s amazing and a good time for me to come back for the rest! 🙂 i hope you are doing great! hope you had a great time off, nice christmas even though delta was a pain, and a great start into the new year! 🙂 i wish you all the best and i’m looking forward to everything that comes from you this year 🙂

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