Day: January 15, 2018

365 Challenge: Day 309 – Blegh (RYDER RANT)

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Blegh: how Ryder feels right now – not so hot


In lieu of Ryder’s Rant, he’s sharing a photo of him from a few years ago when he was taking a nap. He’s not up for posting today, as he’s under the weather. We’re doing a rather quick switch of his anti-seizure medicine, as the old medicine was beginning to cause liver problems. After a trip to the vet last week, his blood work came back with some issues. He’s basically sleeping 24/7 and will be for the next week while on multiple medicines, apart from a few breaks to try to eat or drink. I’m hoping he will be more alert by next week, but he may need another week off from his Monday rants… for now, keep him in your thoughts. I’m going to lay down with him for a bit this morning… back again soon. Sorry if I’m missing any comments or responses the next few days! Will be back online again once things are improved here.


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