Day: February 14, 2018

365 Challenge: Day 334 – Arrow

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Arrow: a shaft sharpened at the front and with feathers or vanes at the back, shot from a bow as a weapon or for sport


In a giant twist of fate, I will have two Valentine’s dates today! Shocking, I know. I should be thrown in prison for my blasphemy… except it’s 2018 and probably okay to have two dates. No, W has nothing to worry about! My first date is with the doctor. Ouch! I’m not sure how it happened, well I suppose I am. I realized I hadn’t gone for an annual check-up last year, so I called recently to schedule one. Somehow I selected today at 1:30. I must have been drunk or busy writing as there’s no explanation for why I did this to myself. Since it involves blood work (on Valentine’s Day??? Vampires!), I had to fast this morning. The last thing I had to eat was dinner around 7:30 last night. Pancakes. As it was Pancake Day. That oughtta show up great on the blood sugar test! Now I will have fasted for 18 hours instead of 8 hours because the appointment is so late in the day. I’m fine not eating, but please give me coffee ASAP.

I really can’t complain. I did it to myself. I didn’t plan properly. But… on the way home afterward, I’ll stop at the grocery store to buy dinner for Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking of making an asparagus risotto with some sort of protein depending on what looks good today at Whole Foods. I might put red food coloring in the risotto. Sounds tasty, right? Ha! That will be the second date… this time with W. I’m sure it will be a much more pleasant one. I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor. I skipped it for ten years. Last time I went, they mentioned things like… oh, you’ll be 40 next time so we should do a prostate exam. And your cholesterol was a little higher than normal today so start cutting back on everything you love to eat. Maybe we should also get you scheduled for a colonoscopy as it’s good to know how everything looks.

So… I avoid doctors; however, after what happened earlier this year with Ryder, I guess I’ve learned that you need to know what’s wrong as soon as possible. Fine, I’ll go. But I’m taking an arrow. (You were probably wondering why that’s today’s 365 Daily Challenge word!) If the doctor tries to suggest anything I don’t want to do, I’ll toss the arrow directly at her… and it won’t be Cupid’s Valentine’s Day kind!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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