Invitation: Q&A with Shalini & Jay re Father Figure (follow up posts on 4/19)

As many of you have heard, my second book, Father Figure, launched last week. If you’re interested, you can read reviews and/purchase the book via Amazon. To help get everyone excited, I will be launching a series of posts in the coming weeks to share some fun that several friends and I have experienced while beginning to market my latest book. First up is an exclusive invitation to read the hilarious Q&A session I had with Shalini over the last week. She will be launching a post on her site Thursday April 19th at 5PM IST and I will be launching the re-blog on my site Thursday April 19th, at 7:45AM EST.

A quick teaser… it involves flirtation, how to wear briefs, interview the interviewer payback, and guessing how drinking and tweeting at the same time is never a good idea! Ask Nina @ The Cozy Pages, she started this topic one day. It will be lots of fun… rather long… and very informative. Kudos to Shalini for coming up with this wonderful format. But I will end there with this teaser. Click the link below to see her invitation and come back on Thursday to see the finished product!

Invitation to Q&A with Shalini

via An Invitation



  1. Wow… This is fabulous. I got teased by your teaser. 🤣😉. Fingers crossed my humor works. I have gone through the post so many times now. Hahaha I am just going to post it on Thursday. It is scheduled.
    I accept the invitation to spend Thursday evening/morning with you😉

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  2. Hi. Due to an unexpected conflict (jury duty!), I will not be available to re-blog Shalini’s interview at 9 AM. Instead, we are moving it up by two hours and Shalini will post at 5PM IST, which means 7:30 AM EST. Once her post is live, I will re-blog — you can see it as early as 7:45 EST on Thursday 4/19. 🙂


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