My Next Readathon: Children’s Books?

What’s that saying… “Idle hands are the…” Never mind. I’m apparently not content unless I’m dreaming and planning content for the upcoming months. It’s not enough that I have two books I’m trying to market, still in the middle of the very successful and extraordinarily fun Agatha Christie Readathon, nor that I’ll be out of the country for three weeks and still trying to finalize the initial posts for all three new blog segments I’m launching, but I decided today that I want to host another Readathon. When I thought through something that might appeal to a wider variety of readers and bloggers, as well as help offer some marketing and promotional opportunities for fellow authors, I feel in love with the idea of holding a “Children’s Books Readathon” in July 2018.

My Next Readathon

If you’re unfamiliar with the Christie Readathon, follow the link from the first paragraph. A group of fans and Christie-newbies held a poll to pick four (4) Agatha Christie books, then we read one each week in April and post a review on the last day of the week. Two down, two remaining so far… everyone can comment and re-blog, but we wanted to share our love the Grande Dame. I’m thinking of hosting these Readathons quarterly, but I’ve pulled together some ideas for one focused around Children’s Books. Once upon a time, I went to school to become a teacher. I wanted to focus on middle school, and also majored in English, so I have read tons of children’s books. I also wrote tons of curriculum and pulled together lots of teacher lessons for reading in the elementary school courses. Some thoughts below on how we could make this shine:

  • We read 2 or 3 children’s books each week. It may sound like a lot, but they are relatively short and we all need a break from lengthy tomes. This may help some of us reach our Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge goals!
  • We split the children’s books into 2 categories:
    • A: Authors we read in the past that we’d like to share
    • B: Current authors with blogs we follow to help with promotion
  • We follow the same pattern with 6 days to read, 1 day to post.
  • We ask the current authors to share a post on my blog that everyone can also re-blog to help market their books. Maybe the authors will have a GIVEAWAY, offer ARCs of something new coming out, or some other fun promotion to make this interactive.

These are just high-level ideas. Everyone could share posts on award winners, picture versus chapter books, ways to engage kids in reading. I’m open to everything that highlights children’s books and helps excite people to spread the word on our fellow bloggers and authors. Throw some suggestions out in the next two weeks. My goal is to wrap up a plan and get this scheduled and coordinated before I leave on vacation in mid-May. We’ll hold a poll and vote on which books to read and review just like before. Target would be in July 2018 to give everyone (authors and readers) ~2 months to plan, purchase, read and prepare.

Who’s in?



      • I never heard of Walter the Farting Dog until we named our boy Walter and someone mentioned it to me. It’s cute. Maybe I will join. I might be able to keep my micro attention span on track for a kids’ book. By the way, I read another chapter of Watching Glass Shatter. It will take me a while because of the brain/attention span thing, I have to choose a day when I’m ‘with it’ or I forget it as soon as I read it. Damn epilepsy!
        Anyhow, it’s very good. I should have said that I read another chapter from your first book. Doesn’t that sound awesome? ❤️

        As for the dogs, they are getting along fabulously. It’s like Greta has always been here. They have massive mock battles and their toys are suffering from fierce tug-of-war competitions. It’s great that Walter has met his match. Thanks so much for asking!


    • TBH, I’m rather open on it. That’s why I was throwing a general idea out there. I could see it being split into Children’s and Young Adult, or that could be 2 separate Readathons. Wherever the interest is, I’d steer it that way!


      • I got my BA in Elementary Education (gr. 1-6), with a concentration in Math. Then, I went straight to Grad school and got my Masters in Special Education (mild/moderate, gr. K-8). I subbed/taught for a while, but since being over here, I haven’t been in a classroom. It was getting to be a bit draining, to be honest, during certain aspects and was definitely affecting me emotionally when I got home. I always seemed to take everything home and it was hard to shut off my thoughts/feelings. Definitely rewarding a lot of the time, but being with children who had a hard time dealing with their emotions and parents who sometimes did more damage than good really took a toll on me…

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      • I can’t imagine what it’s like these days with everything so many more conflicts, rules and issues between teachers and parents and schools. I can see it being draining to make everyone comfortable and happy.

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      • (Part 2 response) I wanted to also say that’s why I’m grateful for this time “off” to see where my life will take me next. I will always treasure my experiences, as I think it helped me become a more patient and better person, but I think moving away for a bit has decreased a lot of stress that I would normally deal with. Anyway, sorry this got really real on a fun-based post, lol. I am really excited to hopefully participate. 🙂

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      • Thank you, I believe in that too! What’s been wonderful is having a supportive partner through all these phases in my life. It really makes a big difference.

        It’s nice to know others who have similar feelings/thoughts. 🙂

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  1. You know how important Children’s literacy is to me. Having been an elementary school teacher for over 30 years, a librarian for 5 of them and a resource teacher for several, this is a need close to my heart. I read a lot of children’s books to my grandchildren as well as for myself to recommend to parents and schools. I would definitely be in.


  2. I love this idea, Jay. You could even go with a few categories of books like classic books, a book from a series, a picture book and a graphic novel book like Rupert the Bear. I am very excited for this one and love the idea of promoting bloggers books to. Janice Spina and Darlene Foster book have wonderful books for children that Michael and I have read.

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    • Excellent! I will count you in. We’re up to 9 people who want to participate. I was hoping you would… as I want to post all about you and your books as part of this segment / readathon. Happy for others to join if both authors are interested, too.

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  3. This sounds amazing! Quite sad I missed the Christie one… huge Agatha Christie fan! But it’s been awhile since I read a children’s book… I’m in 🙂

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