AWARDS: Gratitude for Multiple Nominations – Part 5 of 5

Yes! I’m all caught up and just finished my last 50 tags / nominations / awards. I’m so grateful that I now have a clean slate and can hopefully stay on top of them… woo-hoo! If I missed a tag or award where you nominated me, I’m so sorry. I had been bookmarking them, but while I was on vacation last year, I may have missed a few. Feel free to let me know and I will fix it!


Life has just gotten away from me in the last few months… between the 365 Daily Challenge, publishing two novels, reading ~100 books, and earning a living, I haven’t been able to keep up with all the wonderful awards that I’ve been blessed with. I’m so grateful to the blogging community for the love and support you’ve shown me and feel awful that I’ve gotten behind on about ~50 nominations or ping-backs. I’ve been trying to catch up, but it’s not working! So… I’ve decided for the next week, I am going to highlight several bloggers each day who have been generous enough to tag me…


These bloggers deserve the kudos and a celebrated mention so that more people can find out about them and/or connect with amazing people around the world. Below please find 6 blogs you should be checking out and following. I’ve included the original post they tagged me on as well as a response to a few questions or items from their tag. If I stay on schedule, I’ll be caught up and current on my tags within a week, and then I promise to try to stay on top of them going forward. Thank you to everyone for understanding. If I missed a tag or award, let me know. I will fix that! Much gratitude for sharing your blogs with me and in turn with the rest of the blogosphere!


Growing Self Blogger Award

  • Invisible-No-More
  • Thank you to Dee for this wonderful nomination. Dee was part of my first book blog tour last year, and we have shared an immense connection in the last 6 months. From all her amazing posts and challenges, to her wisdom and advice, I cherish the time we have to connect. We’re both so busy, it’s not easy to keep up every day… but at least once a week, we’re catching up on each other’s posts, getting surprised by the extent of each other’s journeys, and learning how to be better people. It was an honor to have her as part of my April 2018 Agatha Christie Readathon!
  • This award was created by Roda @ Growing Self… who many of you know as my Big Sis. She visited me from Michigan here in NYC for a few days earlier this year and we had the best time ever. I can’t even begin to imagine if Dee had been here with us… the trouble we’d have gotten into. Two wonderful women here that I’m very glad to know!

Tell the Darkness to Get Lost Award

  • Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50
  • Thank you to LA (she shall remain nameless to everyone!) for being one of only 3 bloggers I’ve met in person this year. We’ve had coffee here in NYC and have so much fun talking about life, books, tv shows, NYC, and how to be a good person! She’s got pneumonia right now, so I hope she heals quickly as we all miss her daily posts!
  • No questions on this award, but her post talks about “love at first sight” which we have all heard of… Who here’s experienced it? Share away!

Awesome Blogger #2 Award

  • Misty’s Book Space
  • Thank you to Misty for nominating me here… she’s fantastic, and I’ve mentioned her a few times this week on the tags and awards. You’ve had lots of opportunity to check out her blog, so don’t make me remind you again. Go now! 🙂 PLEASE!
  • Two Favorite Colors
    • Black and Grey

Miranda Sings Award

  • 5171 Miles Book Blog
  • Thank you to Sabrina and Ashley who were part of my first book blog tour last year… but they also provide such amazing book reviews — what a team! I’m privileged to be part of their blogging world. It’s always a guess… will I see their Goodreads review or their WP post on a book first? 🙂
  • Something you love about yourself
    • I am determined, hard-working, persistent and motivated when it comes to achieving my goals. I don’t forget when someone helps me out. I try to give back wherever I can. And I truly feel honored to have made such great friends through my blogging adventures. I love that I recognize this and try to always make it a priority to connect with other people.

Quill Commander’s Award

  • Ravenclaw Pride
  • Thank you to Matt for nominating me. We only connected earlier this year, but I look forward to building a relationship with him. I am trying to catch up on awards, so I’m only doing one piece of his, but please check out his site via the link above. It’s a very honored award and all about our patriotism — something we should all find in our hearts.
  • Quote:
    • “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This is only part of the quote, but who knows where it’s from??? 🙂

Blogger Recognition Award

  • TV Addicted Bookworm
  • Thank you to Sheri for always introducing me to new books and television shows. We have connected on other social media platforms more than WordPress, but it’s always fun to see what she’s reviewing!
  • Advice to New Bloggers
    • Don’t just follow someone without building a relationship. Read a few posts. Comment. Check out their other social media profiles. Interact. If not, it’s just a game in trying to increase your numbers. Find a balance between interacting and building a network of friends and followers. It’s supposed to be fun, too, so you want to learn a little bit about everyone!




  1. Thank you for tagging me!! I love that you suggest to create a relationship with the people you follow… I just automatically follow back if people follow me, so sometimes I can’t keep up with the posts and can’t create a more personal relationship with many of those bloggers either… very good advice. I need to follow it for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s hard when there are so many, especially good blogs. But it helps if you are trying to build a following or larger network. It’s also good to have a stronger relationship. Good luck! Never easy. 🙂


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