Happy Mother’s Day

Life begins with the concept of motherhood. The terms are virtually inseparable as you can’t have one without the other under most conditions in the human world. And while mothers come in all different forms, today is the day to celebrate them no matter how they’re part of our lives. Whether it’s our own mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, or someone in our family or circle of friends, we all know one or many who have unbelievably touched us for the better.

My own mother is a prime example, and while she doesn’t follow my blog (she’s not online often), someone I know — I’m sure — will tell her about this post. And when they do, they will tell her that I think she’s undoubtedly the most generous, wonderful, and caring woman in my life. She’s done everything she could for me throughout the years and I’ll be eternally grateful. From wisdom to gently knocking me upside the head (figuratively) when I needed to get back on course, my mother is a genuine and amazing role model. Thank you to her for everything I’ve become, as it wouldn’t have happened with you.


My mother is not the only woman out there who fits into this description. Perhaps you’re one of them. Or you know someone who is. Tell them you love them. Let them know how amazing they are. And so… to all of you who fit this description, you are amazing. I’m glad we’re connected via our blogs, social media, or texting… whatever the form of our communication: Thank you for being part of my life.


As a quick aside, motherhood in my first two books is pretty core when it comes to the central theme. Whether it’s Olivia in Watching Glass Shatter trying to reassemble her family after a devastating accident, Amalia learning what it means to have a mother who abuses you in Father Figure, or any of the supporting characters trying to figure out their relationships… women like Janet, Molly, Diane, Sarah, or Margaret, these women all share one thing in common: they are mothers in some way, shape, or form to people around them. It’s in this relationship I find the beauty and energy of love, pain, emotions, and selfless choices. And that’s why it’s always something close to my heart and front-n-center in my books. I choose to celebrate motherhood however I can.



  1. All mothers deserve to be celebrated today Jay! Yours, mine, every mother on the planet because it’s a constant job asking for much love and dedication 🙂

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