When the Cat’s Away…

I love the statement, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play!”.  In this case, while Jay’s away, Roda will play!   Bwahahaha….  Let me introduce myself. My name is Roda from Growing Self, also known as Jay’s Big Sis.


As many of you know, Jay is off on a little vacation for a few weeks.  (By the way, he forgot to invite me.  How rude! (insert eye roll – Jay is the master of eye rolling!)


How could I just watch my Little Bro’s blog sit desolate, while he frolics around Europe, drinking amazing wine and mouth-watering pastries?!  I could not!  Being the more mature and responsible one,  I decided to do a little blog takeover.  It’s not like he will be checking his blog, right?!  I am just helping out a bit, right?!  It is for greater good, right!?


So, for the next few weeks, I will be posting right here on my amazing Little Bro’s blog!  You will want to check in!  I have stories to tell about our talented, author man, Jay.  For example, I can say that he has arrived safely, to his first destination.  He did appear a bit spent after clutching his teddy bear, ever so tightly, on the long flight to London.  But, that’s what little brothers do, right!?  I packed his favorite binkie and Mr. Blue Blankie, just incase!  I am sure he appreciated me helping out!

That’s what Sisters do best!


Have a magical day!




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