The Cat Catches the Mouse

This was my face (this morning) when I noticed my little Bro had liked many of our comments, over the last few days…img_3392

He knows! The mouse has been caught!

The good news is, he did not take my access to his blog away, so we are golden!  Maybe he had a bit too much grape juice again and was just “liking” everything!?  Hmmmmmm… There were over 40 likes!  And, he never left a single comment.  We also chatted yesterday afternoon, and the topic NEVER came up!  Interesting… I just might be in the clear!

img_3391The good news is, I am still here!  Let me share a few photos, of what our amazing Author Man has been up to, while I still can…


This photo makes my heart happy!  Those smiles!

The adorable and extremely talented Claire from Brizzlelassbooks was one of my secret agents.  I knew she would keep Jay in line and out of trouble!  It looks like she showed up just in time!  As you can see, they had a fabulous time visiting the many sites of London!

Parthenon: The British Museum
London Eye
Prime Meridian
Navigating the Cutty Sark

By the look on Jay’s face, the wheels are turning! I know he has hundreds of story ideas floating around in that magical brain of his.  That is good news for us!

I would like to wish everyone a happy Friday!  While Jay is preparing for his next adventure, I will be checking on my new bee hives. I promise to be back on Monday (I hope) with more updates for you. I wonder where in the world Jay is going next!?














  1. Love the pictures, sorta let’s us go along a teeny bit. I can just imagine the stories that may come out of this trip. If it were me, I’d be taking a million pictures for my galleries. And each event, each sighting of something special would be triggering at least a short story. I am sure that’s what’s happening to Jay. When he returns he will be working his fingers to the bone of the keyboard.

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