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Seven (7) Part Interview with Beware of the Reader – Posts from Day 2, 3 & 4

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As mentioned over the weekend, a 7-part series interview with Sophie @ Beware of the Reader… Check out days 2 thru 4 in the links below! It’s been fun seeing which questions she uses and posts each day!


James Cudney alias Jay interview: Part Two. Did you know Jay nearly died at a tender age? No?



James Cudney alias Jay Interview Part 3: Jay the daredevil?

What triggered this leap of faith? Quitting what I guess was a well-paid stable job to live your dream? Read the full post here.



4th post of James Cudney/Jay’s interview…cooking secrets writing secrets!

How did you work for Watching Glass Shatter? Did you think the characters first? Had post it everywhere with their character’s trait? Did you write the skeleton of a plot? Something else? Most definitely the… click here to read the full post.



Background: A few months ago, I connected with a wonderful book blogger who had read one of my books. We quickly developed a great friendship and have been chatting about books (and tons of other things) for most of 2018. Sophie’s introducing to me books in genres I don’t normally read, and I’m trying to overload her TBR until it explodes, I think! But… the point of this re-blog post is to share with you an interview Sophie’s prepared in the last week. She asked if I would be interested in answering a few questions, and I of course said yes. Then I got the list… and it was very detailed and extremely personal. Never one to back down, I accepted the challenge and spent a half a day answering them all… we had so much going on, Sophie’s splitting it into 7 posts and days categorized by question types. And honestly, re-reading the first one, I’m embarrassed at how much I’ve said… I wonder what else came out of my mouth last week… stay tuned to catch my re-blog each day this upcoming week, or follow her site at this link to get the news first hand! You’ll also get to meet a very prolific blogger and book reviewer with tons of giveaway options, fun memes, cool posts and other awesome content. Thanks Sophie!!!


My Very Own “Book Bucket List” – June 2018 (VOTE NOW)

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I’ve knocked the 13th entry off my Book Bucket List:  The Lake House by Kate Morton. You can see the review here. In its place, I’ve added Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom to round out the 12 options for the next vote (post with poll to VOTE is below).


The poll for the July 2018 read is open. Click below to vote by 6/19!


Below is the link to the on-going Book Bucket List and a background on what it’s all about. My Very Own “Book Bucket List”  —  Click the link to access everything since the beginning of this post series as well as see the 12 books currently on the list.


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Book Review: The Lake House by Kate Morton

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After reading a few Kate Morton novels last year, I found myself enamored with her storytelling and character creation abilities. I added all of her books to my TBR and included The Lake House on my monthly Book Bucket List on my blog, where followers vote to select one read per month for me — this won as my June novel and I finished it over 6 days last week. With a new puppy in the house, reading and book reviewing time is not as easy as usual but I’m determined to meet my June TBR goals. While I absolutely adored this book, there were a few times I felt disconnected and disappointed, or that the coincidences were a little too much, but not for too long or in any way to truly bother me.

The story focuses on several characters in England mostly during the 1910s to the 1930s, and then current time which is set in the 2000s. In the 1920s, the Edevane family is recuperating from World War 1 where while no one died, the savagery of war has had its toll on relationships. Alice is the focus, the middle sister who never quite fit in the family and became a mystery writer. When her younger brother disappears, and her two other sisters begin to act oddly, something seems off. Throw in a battleaxe for a grandmother, a fun but peculiar uncle-type, and some very attentive or non-attentive nannies, there’s got to be something bad that happened to the little boy… but was he kidnapped, killed, or is someone making things up about his childhood? When Alice’s book covers some of those true-life situations, people wonder what happened years ago… in modern times, Sadie has been put on leave after she made a mistake during an investigation, so the cop visits her grandfather and gets caught up in the old Edevane case while taking some rest. This is a story about missing children, lost children, and kidnapped children… there are a few cases going on, but they are not connected in any way other than as situations to help readers reflect on the character’s emotions and lives.

What I love about Morton’s writing is the imagery and depth you see, hear, and experience. Everything feels like it’s unfolding right before your eyes on a stage. Among the always present gardens, large estates, dysfunctional families, and interconnected historic and modern times, you’re carried away into a dreamlike state where you can happily immerse yourself in beauty and lyrical action. Morton also excels at weaving together multiple stories that have both small and large connections you begin to assemble along the path. At times, it’s a bit too connected or coincidental, but truthfully, isn’t that part of why we read books? We want to experience something new and different, a shock or a twist… if it was all simple and straightforward, there wouldn’t be a lot of drama to dig into. So while it can be a bit overdone or over-the-top (even in my own writing, I would agree it happens), it also is what truly makes the book spectacular in other ways. It’s a story with a start and a finish, so it’s going to have very specific reasons for things happening. In this one, it all felt natural as it could have happened just pushed together too closely in a few occasions.

I also struggled a bit in the early pages as there were a few too many characters to keep track of, and with so many women across 4 generations, it was often a confusing in the beginning of a chapter to know which one we were talking about. It was done purposefully to add intrigue and suspense, which I understand, but sometimes it was a little too much. Other than those concerns, I was very happy with the story. It isn’t my favorite Morton, but I find myself still thinking about it days later… Morton captures the young heroine trying to solve the past like no other author I know. She can also brilliantly build the amazing balance in an octogenarian who is torn, but also a bit of a curmudgeon about the past. You feel the indeterminable strength in the woman who can’t let go but is desperate for a closure that seems destined to cause more pain.

I am thrilled with this book, especially with the last 25% and how it all came together. Stunning poetry at times. I can’t wait to read her latest book, The Clockmaker’s Daughter, which I just got approved for on NetGalley.

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