Digital Reads Blog Tours – Books!

Authors and readers have many options when it comes to finding new books, connecting with other bibliophiles, writing reviews, and joining teams to promote books. I am a huge supporter and believer in blog tours and promoting our fellow bloggers who have honed their skills and offer wonderful opportunities for the book community. We can be an amazing and protective bunch, and when we share this book love with others, it sorta makes the day just that much better.

  • As an author, I organized my own book blog tour last fall with the release of Watching Glass Shatter and was very happy with the doors it opened to connect to other potential readers. I also signed up for a monthly marketing service with a book promoter who tweets and shares messages via social media. When I launched my second book, Father Figure, I secured the services of a professional book promotion marketing provider to manage both the book blitz and the blog tour. It was a tremendous success and I will be sharing more about it in the near future.
  • As a reader, I love discussing books with other fans and bookworms. Whether it’s on a social media site or in person, it’s a thrill to share feedback on characters or plots, buddy read with a fellow fan, or have an opportunity to talk to the author and promote their work. I belong to a few blog tours and join launch teams whenever I can.

Today, I want to share with you a great opportunity to become part of the Digital Reads Blog Tour team where you can participate on book tours, get advanced copies of novels to read, and help authors launch and promote their works.


Whether you’re an author or a reader, there will something to entice you. Perhaps you already belong to a blog tour service or maybe you have too much on your plate right now. That’s okay… you can sign up to get news about which books Digital Reads has secured and decide when there’s a book launch you must be part of! Take a look at the site link above or check out the current books holding blog tours.

I’ve known the owner, who has been a beta reader and promoter for my books in the past, for a year — she always has great insight and tons of suggestions. Feel free to shoot over any questions to me or her, or leave comments in this post. I’m sure Digital Reads will be dropping by and respond quickly. Thanks in advance for checking out this opportunity!


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