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Book Review: The Connecticut Corpse Caper by Tyler Colins

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I’m always excited when I get back to reading a cozy mystery, especially when it’s part of a series where I can truly invest in the characters and setting. I chose The Connecticut Corpse Caper, the first book in the Triple Threat mystery series published in 2016, written by Tyler Colins, after reading the description. I’m a fan of the macabre and horror movie genres and am always interested in stories where the main character is invited to a mysterious house in order to collect an inheritance. Though I knew this book wouldn’t be dark, and it wouldn’t contain anything gory, the plot and setting were enough to buy it from Amazon last month. I’d been following the author’s blog for several months and was very curious to see what a full length novel might be like. I was definitely glad I chose to read it and found a new series with some fun and quirky characters who like to push the envelope just a little bit!

In this caper, Jill, has been offered an opportunity to collect $200K if she stays at her late aunt’s house for one week, along with several other guests who are each competing for the full inheritance. If someone leaves (for ANY reason), their share is entered back into the pool thus upping what the others have the opportunity to collect! Some of the guests are friends and neighbors of her dead aunt, others are family members and boyfriends. By the end of the tally, there are ~12 people subjected to the silly / dastardly plans of an older woman who liked to play tricks, even in her death. Between a ghost who haunts the place by singing and a slew of fake and real dead bodies popping up in the strangest of places, this caper has you guessing all the way thru. It felt a bit like Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, as one by one, visitors keep dying. But many secrets are also unraveling to a backdrop that felt something like the movie Clue.

I enjoyed the book a lot. I liked all the characters and the setting was very clear — almost too descriptive at times as it builds the entire picture for you without much room to invent your own backdrop. Jill re-builds a friendship with her cousin, and by the end of the book, they are in a very different place from whence they started. Perhaps one’s a killer. Perhaps they find out family secrets. Or maybe only one survives. I won’t spoil anything, but this book is a clear kick off for a new mystery series where a trio of ladies investigates crimes.

Colins has a strong grasp of building a world for her characters to play in. She delivers quirky, funny dialog that makes you want to slap them sometimes purely for the comical laughs that take take away from the villainous murders happening around everyone. Picture a head chopped off… a vampire-like death, and a sea of meals made only from mushrooms. Now that’d be the death of me! Perhaps the most vivid of the slew is the cute names Jill and her boyfriend have for one another given his career as a pastry chef. I’m glad to see how it all ends between those two! Ha… curious? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I look forward to picking up more from this author and encourage anyone who’s a fan of humor, murder mystery, Clue or large casts to pick up this entry novel into the Triple Threat mystery series. It has lots of potential and I am excited to see what happens in the next one.

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Live at the Indigo Acres farm with… SURPRISE!

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Hi. With Roda @ GrowingSelf, AKA Big Sis, away this week, it’s my time to get a little bit of revenge. Remember when she took over my blog while I was on vacation last month? Today… it’s my time to get even. I hope she’s ignoring her blog while she’s away as I took over and posted something there today… check it out below!

Seven (7) Part Interview with Beware of the Reader – Posts from Day 5, 6 & 7

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As mentioned over the weekend, a 7-part series interview with Sophie @ Beware of the Reader… Check out days 5 thru 7 in the links below! It’s been fun seeing which questions she uses and posts each day!


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Background: A few months ago, I connected with a wonderful book blogger who had read one of my books. We quickly developed a great friendship and have been chatting about books (and tons of other things) for most of 2018. Sophie’s introducing to me books in genres I don’t normally read, and I’m trying to overload her TBR until it explodes, I think! But… the point of this re-blog post is to share with you an interview Sophie’s prepared in the last week. She asked if I would be interested in answering a few questions, and I of course said yes. Then I got the list… and it was very detailed and extremely personal. Never one to back down, I accepted the challenge and spent a half a day answering them all… we had so much going on, Sophie’s splitting it into 7 posts and days categorized by question types. And honestly, re-reading the first one, I’m embarrassed at how much I’ve said… I wonder what else came out of my mouth last week… stay tuned to catch my re-blog each day this upcoming week, or follow her site at this link to get the news first hand! You’ll also get to meet a very prolific blogger and book reviewer with tons of giveaway options, fun memes, cool posts and other awesome content. Thanks Sophie!!!