Children’s Readathon – Robbie Cheadle’s Fondant Art

I’m hosting a children’s book readathon in the month of August 2018. We’re reading 2 or 3 books each week ranging from children’s pictures to young adult novels, including a few award winners and authors who blog. We’re currently in our second week reading 3 books that have either won the Caldecott or Newbery honors. To learn more, check out the main page at the Children’s Book Readathon.

Throughout the month, we’ve highlighted books from Robbie Cheadle, a wonderful and talented author who has at least a dozen extraordinary books she co-writes and co-designs with her children. Check out previous posts on her author spotlight and latest short story. Today, we’re in for a special treat as Robbie shares with us some baking tips… and knowing how amazing all the dessert photos look from her blog and books, this is one we’re all gonna want to read and learn. And a little secret… I love hibiscus flowers either in a pot on my terrace or dried and in a margarita!

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(a preview of the book cover we’re reading in two weeks!)


How to make a hibiscus flower out of fondant

(from Robbie)

Flowers are one of my favourite things to make as decorations for cakes. The look so pretty if you get them right and they have the delicate and subtle appeal of the real thing.

My Mother is turning 80 years old in October this year and we are having a party for her. She decided she wanted a Polynesian theme. I am making the five-tiered birthday cake which will be a surprise for her and I plan to decorate it with 80 fondant hibiscus flowers. As fondant flowers take time to make I have started making the flowers. My plan is to make about 10 a week so I will have them all ready in time for the party.

To make a hibiscus flower out of fondant you need a few items as follows: fondant (I buy bulk 15 kg buckets but you can buy 1 kg packets in most supermarkets), powdered food colouring in the colour/s of your choice, sugar glue, a ball tool, a shell tool (you can use a cocktails stick but it takes longer), silver foil cut into squares, a large rose flower cutter and white sugar.


Colour the white fondant the colour of your choice. You must use powder food colouring or the fondant will go sticky. Roll a medium size ball of coloured fondant and flatten it between your palms. Lay it in the plate of corn flour and turn it over so that both sides are covered.

Roll the fondant out with a rolling pin on a sheet of wax paper. The corn flour will stop the fondant from sticking. You need to roll the fondant out as thinly as possible.

Use the rose cutter to cut out three rose shapes. Don’t cut out too many shapes as the fondant will dry out and you can’t work with it. Use the shell tool or cocktail stick to draw the lines detail on the petals. Use the ball tool to go around the edges of the petals and frill and flute them as per the picture.

Shape the square of silver foil into a bowl shape and lay the hibiscus flower shape inside it to dry. Pour some white sugar into a bowl and colour it sunflower yellow. Break off a small ball of yellow fondant and roll it into an elongated triangle shape. Cover the triangle shape with edible glue and roll it in the sugar mixture. Glue the flower pistil into the centre of the hibiscus flower, the sugar creates the look of the stamens.


Leave the flower to dry completely. The last step is to use a paint brush and some powder food colouring to add depth to the flower by dusting the centre of the petals with the food colouring. Blow on the flower gently to get rid of any excess food colour.


These are my completed flowers in yellow and pink. I will leave them in the silver foil cups until I use them for my cake.


So who’s gonna be the first to make one and share it with everyone on the blog???


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