Book Review: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

As part of a children’s book readathon I am hosting on my blogNumber the Stars by Lois Lowry was voted as a winner in the poll. We assigned this stellar Newbery Medal winner to this week and have been sharing all our reviews. Normally I’m not a fan of reading literature that delves into this subject matter, but given it was written for young adults / children, I thought it would be less painful. While it was definitely less harsh than a few other books I’ve read on the topic, it was still quite emotional. To think what cruel people condoned because of differences in humankind is atrocious, but this book was wonderful.


Lowry provides the right balance of positive and negative emotion ensuring readers aren’t swept up entirely in pain. The beautiful tale of unconditional love and support versus horrible actions and words from soldiers standing guard in a foreign country really conveys the message to kids around ten years old. There were atrocities in the past and we can’t hide them, but we can showcase them as tastefully as possible. Kudos to Lowry. I can’t wait to take on more of her books later this year / next year!

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  1. Wonderfully written review, as always! I remember reading this book in high school. The subject matter is so thought provoking and touchy. I definitely agree with you on the prevailing theme of unconditional love even in times of terror and trial.

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  2. I remember reading this one in school. It really opened the door for me to read other, more mature books on the subject. I also seem to remember a movie version of the book.

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