Book Review: Suspects – A Northwest Murder Mystery by Ken Haynes

I won Suspects: A Northwest Murder Mystery written in 2017 by Ted Haynes through a Goodreads Giveaway contest. It’s a mystery / suspense thriller written in a very methodical manner and focusing on different characters in alternating chapters.


Candy’s husband is found nearly dead on their back porch. Friend and neighbor Dan had stopped by but he finds Ken with a wound and is uncertain how it happened. Hours later, Ken dies and both Candy and Dan are suspects. As chapters proceed, we hear from members of Dan’s family, the police, and a few other characters. Each character attempts to tell us what they know and clarify if they’re a suspect. Dan, a lawyer but not the criminal kinda, presents as many potential suspects as possible to clear both him and Candy of the crime. As the book progresses, we learn more about the deceased’s life and former family, as well as who actually killed him. There’s a small love/romance story woven in the pages, and there’s a good twist in the end, too.

This is written in a very different manner than I’m used to. It’s procedural, almost explained as someone thinks or talks. There’s narrative and dialog, as well as side stories about different things going on in everyone’s lives, but it’s an atypical read for me. That said, parts were fantastic. Others were a little light or weak for me. But on the whole, it deserves a solid 4 stars. I liked Dan and suspected him of being a misleading narrator, but in the end, I realized why he acted the way he did. I won’t give away if he’s the murderer or not, but he’s a likable guy.

I’m curious to see what else the author publishes and if it’s as procedural as this, meaning it’s his style, or this was done as a one-time style opportunity. I’m glad I took a chance. It has a lot of potential.


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