Day: September 8, 2018

Book Review: Death in the Stacks by Jenn McKinlay

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Who wouldn’t love a book with an autumn theme set in a library? FIVE (5) stars to this hilarious cozy mystery. I truly enjoyed Death in the Stacks, the eighth book in the Library Lover’s mystery series written in 2017 by Jenn McKinlay. I’m a big fan of her other series too, but this one is my favorite. What made it even more exceptional was the character cross-over from her other series, the Hat Shop and The Cupcake Bakery. I haven’t yet read her About a Dog series, so there may have been a cross-over there, I’m just not certain. Nonetheless, wow, what a great caper.
33801790.jpgLindsey throws a giant benefit gala in the library to raise money for Briar Creek’s favorite literary hot spot. Unfortunately, the newest board president, Olive, is a huge thorn in everyone’s side. I’m talking mean-spirited, nasty, and rude… even the lemon can’t stand her! If you’re unfamiliar with the series, the lemon is one of Lindsey’s librarian’s who’s often unhappy with Lindsey over decisions at the library. Olive thankfully turns up dead, but it looks like the newest library employee is responsible. Lindsey promises she won’t investigate but the lemon asks her to do so. It’s an intense finish where three possible suspects face off with Lindsey, Robbie, and Sully stuck in the middle. Whose story do they believe? Emma must come to the rescue to save her boyfriend (what?)!

McKinlay has struck gold in this series for me. I love her characters, and that’s probably my favorite aspect of this book. When my other faves come for a visit from London and Arizona, we get a wonderful side story about how they all now know one another. McKinlay’s quips and banter move the pages along easily… I’m just so sorry it ended this quick. I thought I could stretch it out over the weekend, but I found myself with a few hours on Friday, and well, I couldn’t put it down!

Awesome series… newest one comes out this month. I can’t wait. Thanks for all this fun.

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