Book Review: The Skeleton Paints a Picture by Leigh Perry

When there are thousands of cozy mystery series available, it’s often difficult to figure out which one to choose. A little over two years ago, I stumbled across a a brilliant series called the Family Skeleton Mysteries written by Leigh Perry. I’d read the first few and loved them, but had to wait until she wrote her fourth one. I got a bit behind but when I saw she was releasing her fifth one this fall, I ordered a copy of The Skeleton Paints a Picture and read it this week. I think it’s probably my favorite one to date. I’m still reveling its hilarity — 5 stars all the way!
To start with, the main character is an English professor in New England– two things I adore! the other main character is a ‘dead’ skeleton that can move and talk. Yes, you heard me correctly. The guy who inhabited the body/skeleton in the past was murdered and searched for his killer in an earlier book, but… the gist of the series is that he doesn’t really know much about his former life, and since a majority of the population would not accept him living in society as a skeleton, he hides out with Georgia and her family. As her lovable, witty, and sarcastic sidekick, Sid helps Georgia solve crimes whenever they fall into her lap… which is usually because Sid has stumbled into them.

Think of the humor and imagination in this series. Leaving a skeleton in a room to listen to people and find out clues without anyone knowing you’re doing it. Then again, what if someone catches the skeleton walking around since he CAN move? Creativity without any bounds in Perry’s awesome series. I truly look forward to reading each successive book. In this caper, Georgia’s working out of town and she has no one with her (parents, daughter, friends)… so Sid ships himself in a box to her rental house where he inadvertently finds a dead body in a car during a snowstorm. He was restless and had to go walking in the middle of the night. Who can blame the poor guy?

Georgia interviews colleagues while trying to do whatever she can to win the coveted tenured position that’s up for grabs. Will she do it? Will an ex who still has feelings for her cause a final downfall with Sid’s discovery… or discovery of the talking skeleton himself? So many laughs… great character development and constant page-turning brilliance. A must read for anyone who likes their books a little more unusual than the norm!

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  1. Skeleton paints a picture is nice and cute to you? And that weird looking cover in another post is my mind in the gutter… Hahaha now you have put it there… Can’t help it..
    I have to read this book to see if I like it…

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    • Yes, that was one of the funny parts because I kept thinking how did he tape the box up to actually be fully closed up… then a few pages later it was answered. Cozies have a wide range from silly/simple/fluffy to solid mysteries with interesting characters, just not sex/violence/cursing. Have you sampled both ends of the spectrum?

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      • Lolll, I’m thinking the box had handle slots, so he could’ve pushed his hands through that maybe? Haha, just a guess.

        You know, you’ve got me thinking…maybe I should try out different types before I make a definite judgement. I do really appreciate that they’re not explicit!

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  2. I know, authors aren’t supposed to nose around our reviews… But most of us do. I also wanted to add a couple of points:

    For Shalini: THE SKELETON PAINTS A PICTURE is on Kindle. (Unless she’s in a different country. Not sure how that works.) The new one, THE SKELETON MAKES A FRIEND, will be, too.

    For BettyLouise: THE SKELETON PAINTS A PICTURE is archived on NetGalley, but THE SKELETON MAKES A FRIEND–the new one, which is due out in November–is still available for requests.

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