Book Review: Witch Hunt by Shirley Damsgaard

Witch Hunt (Ophelia & Abby, #4)Witch Hunt by Shirley Damsgaard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Witch Hunt by Shirley Damsgaard is the 4th book in the Ophelia & Abby paranormal cozy mystery series. I began reading the series a few years ago and am trying to catch up on all seven books that exist. Ophelia is the granddaughter of a witch, Abby, and she is learning how to use her powers, run a town library, and solve murders. The killings only started when she returned home. Now she’s got a 13-year-old adopted daughter to care for and teach the ways of the coven (not that there really is one in the books). In this caper, a mean motorcycle gang has taken up residence in Summerset. One biker is found brutally stabbed to death by Darci’s visiting cousin. Darci is a good friend of Ophelia who is turning her life around, but now she’s got more drama to handle.

One of the aspects I enjoy in this series is the light paranormal style and sub-context. It’s easy to follow, methodical, and fun. I also enjoy the town setting and the minimal amount of characters in the backdrop. It’s full of side stories, but they’re always integrated into the murder. It makes for a good, immersive read without trying to remember who everyone is, especially if it’s been a year since you last read. One of the aspects I’m not too fond of is that the characters can be a tad dull. I think they are strong on some levels (visual and mental) but lack some interaction with family and other relationships. I want to see another layer in them to make me find this a truly memorable or 5-star series.

That said, I do enjoy it and will keep reading the next 3 books so I can finish it out. I would recommend it to others who like a bit of paranormal and some occult, but nothing too complex, or for anyone looking for a nice, quiet Iowa setting with a library and witch theme.

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