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Book Review: The Witch is Dead by Shirley Damsgaard

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The Witch Is Dead (Ophelia & Abby, #5)The Witch Is Dead by Shirley Damsgaard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoy reading about witches, and when paranormal happens to be the theme of the Ophelia & Abby cozy mystery series, it’s definitely on the top of my list to read. I finished the fifth book, The Witch Is Dead, from Shirley Damsgaard, this week and already ordered the sixth and seventh. The series ends with the seventh one, but I heard a strong rumor from a reliable source that the author is writing again… will it be an eighth in the series? Here’s hoping the answer is YES!

Ophelia is a ~32ish witch who is still understanding all her skills. Her mother did not inherit this same power that most of the women have in their family, but Abby, her grandmother, did. Together, they solve crimes in Iowa despite the sheriff always wanting to stop them. In the last book, Ophelia adopted Tink, a teenage witch whose family was abusive, and is trying to be a good role model. With the court date approaching to grant her custody, Ophelia is worried something bad will stand in the way. Tink begins having premonitions and dreams about something horrible, then she goes missing. A dead body turns up, Aunt Dot comes for a visit, and a romance blossoms. These are all the balls Ophelia’s got bouncing around her, but she’s determined to keep them in the air.

The series started out a little rocky for me, but it got better with each book. At times, it can be a little slow and light. The witches don’t really use any powers; it’s more about premonitions and analyzing runes. If Damsgaard amp’d up the paranormal just a bit (still keeping within the light theme) and had more supporting characters with connections to Abby and Ophelia in their town, it would be a very solid series I’d rush out to read. As it stands, it’s a very good one that I enjoy cozying up to for a few hours… worth a read, but missing a truly standout component. That’s still a good thing tho… as I find myself thinking about the characters and plots after I’m done.

I enjoy learning about witchcraft. The writing is simple yet descriptive. Ophelia is flawed and admirable. Tink is a typical rebellious teenager with some good banter for her new adoptive mom. Aunt Dot was hilarious with her fairy obsession. And the thought of meeting Great Aunt Mary at some point is scary! Kudos for another fun story. On to #6…

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