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Books Missing From Our Options List?

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The life of a reader is complex and overwhelming. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to read every book in existence. For every day you live, hundreds of new books are being published and made easily accessible. I’m only hazarding a guess, but I wonder if nearly every possible type of story has been written already and we are just unable to find something new and fresh. Between physical and electronic books, self-published and traditional published books, and recommendations or new discoveries, there are so many books out there, how do we really know if we’re finding that perfect book for us… you know, that book that meets every possible need you might have. Characters. Perspective. Point of view. Plot. Time period. Language. Length. Balance of dialog and narrative. Genre. You name it… the list could go on and on.


Have you ever thought about that amazing book sitting on some physical or virtual shelf somewhere… calling your name… wanting to meet its perfect match?

Whatbook is missing from ourlist of options_

The life of an author is complex and overwhelming. No matter how hard you try, someone will always have a problem with your book. Readers are a picky crowd. I know this because I’ve written over 700 book reviews in the last three years and find myself often thinking about the positive and the negative in whatever it is I’ve just read. As a writer, when I conjure up my next story, it often comes from some spark that called out to me… ‘Write about me, Jay… readers will love this story.’ While that little idea’s voice might be right, there is a completely different and opposite viewpoint to consider. Rather than dream up the story on my own, what if I said to someone:

What kind of book is missing from the plethora of novels that is our options list?

Give that some thought for a few moments… you’ve got your favorite genres, authors, series, or topics. You often gravitate to those first… then come the ARCs, beta reads, giveaways, and committed reviews we throw our hat in the ring for… and then there are the recommendations from friends or book review sites that dazzle us. Is that everything? Are there other ways to locate that book we haven’t yet to find? When I thought about these questions, I came to one conclusion first above all else:

What is still missing from our choices?

I’d love to hear from everyone over the next week as many of us sit down to eat our Thanksgiving meals… wish our international friends a happy holiday if we live elsewhere… or think about the many things we’re grateful for. This is a book-related post, so I’m not going to itemize everything I want to give gratitude to… purely focusing on books… I’m grateful for all the authors and readers out there. So tell me what’s missing in this wonderful literary canon we have in the 21st century.


I’ll organize all the response and create a poll later this month to see what we collectively think is the biggest type of book missing from our lives. I’m excited to see everyone’s input. Thank you for sharing it with me and everyone else.


Book Review: The Witch’s Grave by Shirley Damsgaard

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The Witch's Grave (Ophelia & Abby, #6)The Witch’s Grave by Shirley Damsgaard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On my quest to catch up on past series I’ve enjoyed, I’m almost to the end with the Ophelia & Abby series written by Shirley Damsgaard. Today I’ve finished number six, The Witch’s Grave. I enjoyed this one, but it’s my second favorite thus far. I liked the last book a bit more, yet this was still a good one.

Ophelia is having vivid dreams. She’s also met the man of her dreams in real life. And she thought it was love at first sight… then he was shot. Was the bullet meant for her or him? As she unravels the truth about his identity, she learns more about her own past lives… is reincarnation something she should learn more about? This paranormal cozy takes on new levels when Abby and Ophelia try to solve the biggest case yet. Her adopted daughter, Tink, might be in danger, so she leaves to visit Aunt Mary and Aunt Dot… because that’s gonna be the mystery in the next and final (possibly?) book in the series.

Ophelia is a headstrong girl who knows how to keep herself single and distant. She might flirt from time to time, but she’s really not a relationship-type of gal anymore… at least ever since Brian was murdered before the series started and the only other guys she opened up to about her being a witch weren’t very supportive. I understand why she’s hesitant and I applaud Damsgaard for not making this a central part of the book’s story-line. It’s truly the mystery and a witch’s learning curve. I like this style and definitely recommend it for anyone looking to foray into a new sub-genre or genre-crossing medium. Hey, look at that, I’m using proper lingo. I must be getting lazy in my reviews by introducing quips instead of solid feedback.

This book deals with an author’s secrets, a vision of Nazi Germany, and illegal immigrants. How does it fit together? Well, it’s perhaps a bit of a stretch. I believed all the action, but I also thought too much was left out to make this a show-stopper book. I really want to see if have the full package where I can’t ever put it down. It falls short but is still a really strong read. I can’t wait to dive into number seven next when we visit North Carolina.

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