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Book Review: Freezer I’ll Shoot by Victoria Hamilton

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Freezer I'll Shoot (Vintage Kitchen Mystery, #3)Freezer I’ll Shoot by Victoria Hamilton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I read the first two books in the ‘Vintage Kitchen Mystery’ series by Victoria Hamilton a few years ago when I began focusing on the cozy sub-genre. I thought it was a good series, but I was more interested in sampling from multiple authors to figure out which ones appealed to me the most. I never got back to reading this one yet when the opportunity to get the latest on NetGalley became available, I decided to go back and read the rest so I could be current on the series. Today I’m reviewing the third in the series, Freezer I’ll Shoot.

The books take place on an island between Michigan and Canada focusing on Jaymie Leighton, a ~30ish single woman who enjoys cooking, writing, and collecting vintage kitchen items. After a few disastrous relationships, she finds herself dating a nice guy, Daniel, but she is reluctant to commit. When book three opens, Jaymie and Daniel are planning a dinner with their parents so they can meet each another. It’s not going well as both mothers are interfering and stubborn. Adding to the chaos are yard repairs that need to be completed ASAP on the nearby island cottage due to plumbing issues. Unfortunately, Jaymie finds her third dead body in the series one night when she’s awoken by a cry for help. It’s a local who’s been fighting with her neighbor over a few business transactions. Who killed him? Who are these mysterious neighbors? What will happen at the big family dinner? And will Jaymie get that new job writing about cooking and kitchen tools at the local newspaper?

The books are written well and have a wonderful setting. Hamilton is strong at describing the setting and characters. The mystery in this book has some depth, but it isn’t very complicated. Overall, I like the book, but I feel like it needs a bit more ‘oomph’ packed in… Jaymie is a great lead with lots of fun aspects to her personality, but her relationship with Daniel is a bit boring and I’m not seeing her connection with the rest of the town quite yet. It’s developing, and I hope with a few more books, it becomes more solid and intriguing. For now, I enjoy the series and look forward to the next book as there are lots of appealing elements. Reading about all the kitchen gadgets and gizmos is cool. Learning about a place based on reality in the waterways between the US and Canada is fun. And seeing the different seasons in this culture / atmosphere is definitely of interest.

I’ll pick up the next book in between the holidays but want to be ready to read the current and 8th book by February, so it’ll be one every other week to get there. I’d give the series a chance but you need to love the side stories (vintage kitchens, Michigan, small-town squabbles) just as much as the mystery points. Hope you enjoy it!

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