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Book Review: No Mallets Intended by Victoria Hamilton

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No Mallets IntendedNo Mallets Intended by Victoria Hamilton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No Mallets Intended is the fourth book in the ‘Vintage Kitchen’ cozy mystery series written by Victoria Hamilton. I began reading it a few years ago and later got sidetracked, but after being approved for the latest 2019 book on NetGalley, I’m catching up this month. The series follows Jaymie Leighton in a small town in Michigan on the border with Canada where she has various odd jobs involving cooking, hospitality, writing, and vintage kitchen items. She ended a relationship with a cheater the year before and began dating someone not quite right for her way too soon. In No Mallets Intended, Jaymie’s cataloging items at the historic Dumpe Manor where she’s knocked over the head with a kitchen mallet and later finds a dead body killed by a different one. Who’s after something hidden in the estate?

Along the path, we meet different members of the historical society and learn of a feud between past owners who claim a missing will caused an inheritance to be improperly carried out. Since the Dumpe Manor was then sold a few times to different people, there is lots of confusion and frustration over who really owns it, but the historical society is the one taking care of it. Eventually, the will is found, but it might be fake. As Jaymie uncovers all the clues, she finds herself directly in the line of fire with the killer who chases her in a very long scene into the arms of single father who ends up becoming important to the story. Jaymie also spends time with her sister and parents finding a bond that had been missing for years. She makes a decision about her current relationship and helps her ex-bf fix his new relationship, too. What a kind woman to do all that knowing it will backfire and hurt her in the short-term!

I enjoy the series. Often is the side characters which carry a plot or books series, but after 4 in this one, I’m more comfortable with the main character and think she has the potential to make the series stronger. The side stories aren’t huge and haven’t offered any truly strong sidekicks for Jaymie. Good thing I like her! Writing quality is good. The vintage kitchen items are fun to hear about. It’s a typical cozy with a clever US and Canada style depending on where the action takes place. I look forward to seeing more about the writing column in the newspaper that Jaymie’s taking on as well as the new potential romance that begins to stir up at the end of this book.

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