VOTE for Academic Curveball – Critters Award


Academic Curveball has been nominated for a Critters Workshop award in the ‘Other Novels’ category. I’m grateful for the nomination and the support. The polls are opened through January 14th. I’d love your help if you want to promote the first book in my Braxton Campus Mysteries series. You can see current standings here.


To vote, go to this page. You will scroll down, find ‘Academic Curveball’ and click the radio button. It will be under “Other Novels” if you can’t find it. You will need to enter your email address and then click “Confirm” in the email once it arrives in order to complete the voting process. If you don’t want to create an account, you can skip that process and opt out of any emails once done. This is to ensure voters aren’t able to vote multiple times.


If you’re up for voting in other categories, check out my friend, Brian L. Porter’s, two books which are also up for awards in different categories: (1) Last Train to Lime Street (Mystery) and (2) Cassie’s Tale (Non-Fiction) . Thanks!



  1. It’s a very great thing you do promoting others. Now you’d like us to vote for you and I certainly will. I have voted twice for Porter’s books. If you’re on that same site for voting, then anyone can vote twice if not once a day. I’ll be going back to vote at least a second time. Love your story-telling!

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