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Book Review: Of Murder and Men by Lynn Cahoon

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Of Murder and Men (Cat Latimer Mystery, #3)Of Murder and Men by Lynn Cahoon

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I’ve completed reading the four books currently published in the Cat Latimer mystery series by Lynn Cahoon. Today’s review is for Of Murder and Men, the 3rd in the series; I read the 4th one first because I’d won it in a giveaway and then went back to read them in order. I wish I started properly, but overall, this series keeps getting stronger and stronger. I think this is my favorite thus far, and it earns 4.5 stars.

Cat is a late 20s widow who inherited her ex-husband, Michael’s, house when he died. At this point, we know he was somehow involved with the mob who has ties to the small town outside Denver, Colorado where they lived. What Cat didn’t know was that he’d been sucked into the accounting issues with a mob-related property, and before long, he had to pretend to be doing bad things in order to survive. Unfortunately, he couldn’t extricate himself quickly enough and was killed. We finally learn in this book who likely killed him, and how the killer’s family may or may not still be be after Cat. Instead of ignoring it, Cat has been trying to solve Michael’s death while using the house he left her as a writer’s retreat. Her high school boyfriend (and new love interest), Seth, and her best friend, Shauna, help run the retreat, where 5 writers show up for a week each month to finish their current WIPs. Almost always, one of them is a murderer, dies, or has a connection to the victim.

In this one, it’s Shauna who suffers. Kevin, her distracted boyfriend-turned-fiance, is found dead in his barn. Cat, Shauna, Seth, and Uncle Pete find connections between Michael’s death and Kevin’s death. One of the writers, Shirley, an ex-cop, helps investigate while she warms up to Pete. Ah, romance is brewing… the other writers are busier than usual and not as involved in the plot, but one of them turns up to have a connection with Kevin. Shauna’s battling it out with Kevin’s two ex-wives and their children for his estate, too. She doesn’t want the money, just a few things to remember him by. At the same time, Cat finds out Michael left her another building and never closed their joint account. Except… there’s WAY more money in it than he could have ever earned. Someone’s play games here, and Cat is determined to find out before Dante, the hot guy from the mob family who turns out was Michael’s childhood best friend, gets her all excited and bothered in a good way. No, poor Seth!

I’m quickly falling hard for this series. Cahoon has created some magic with the setting and action surrounding a writer’s retreat. Add in the mystery of Cat’s friends, and the mob-connections about town, there’s story in abundance. I love the clues Cahoon’s dropped in each book about future stories, too. I can already see plots formulating and know what might happen to certain characters. She’s a strong planner author (like me) which may be why I really like her writing style and these books. I need to read her other series next, especially since I’m now fully caught up with the four in this one. The 5th book won’t release for a few months, so I have time to start another of hers. Anyone else tried the Tourist Trap series?

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