Book Review: Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen #24)Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the first few cozy mysteries I began reading almost fifteen years ago was the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke. For years, I adored the series, but then I switched to something else to try and experience a wider variety. About two years ago, I jumped back into its safety and caught up to the latest one… that is, until Chocolate Cream Pie Murder was published (or will be in the coming weeks). I won it via NetGalley and had to devour it today. How exciting to catch up in Hannah’s life especially after the new about Ross! If you haven’t read the last few books, stop reading here. If you have, it’s okay to continue…

I loved Ross in the beginning. I wanted Hannah to choose him. I loved Norman more than Mike, but they’d gotten old after 20 books. I needed something fresh, and it appeared Hannah did too, since she wouldn’t accept either’s marriage proposal for years. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to get married. She did. Just couldn’t decide who. On a whim tho, she said yes to Ross. And her troubles began. For weeks, he was a perfect husband. Then he disappeared. Then it turned out he was already married. LOUSE! Fluke ruined a perfectly good character. I’ll have a hard time forgiving her, but that’s life… and it made for good drama.

I enjoyed this book. We see the aftermath of Ross’s craziness. We see Hannah’s recovery. I love revisiting all the characters in these books because I want to live in Lake Eden, Minnesota, blizzards and all. Can I move there please? Okay… that might be going a tad far, but this book showed signs of getting back to the norm before we took a downward turn in the late teens of the series. That said, it’s not completely good news on all fronts. At the sacrifice of family and friends we adore, the supporting characters in this book are some newer ones and some we hadn’t known too well. I miss the old gang, but they’ll be back soon, I’m sure.

The mystery was okay. It was a weird setup. No one died until 80% into the book. We knew who would die, but along the way, the suspects hadn’t built up. Or so we thought. Ultimately, I didn’t like the structure in this one, but I did like the story itself. Fluke will always have a fan in me. I hope this means Norman gets his chance now… as Mike already had a wife. I suppose Norman did too, but she was murdered. Eh, what am I saying, I can’t decide. I’m the male version of Hannah!

Just wait til the end… I knew the cliffhanger was coming. It had to happen. Fluke’s as bad as me with ending our books in such a manner. But I’m pretty certain it will mean something else when we get to the next one. I HOPE SO AT LEAST!

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    • Hi. Depends on where you left off… if you dislike the ‘Ross’ arc, then skip this one. You need to read the last 3 or 4 in order. It’s not as good as the earlier ones, but it’s better than the middle ones.


  1. I love Chocolate Cream Pie, but not enough to dig into this series at this point. I tried one of her books and the pace was too slow and sweet for me. Perhaps it was just the one I read, but judging from your review, I would guess that the series is very character driven. I think to really appreciate the series you would need to start at the beginning.

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    • Yes, I definitely think you need to start at the beginning. While each book is ~300 pages, over 100 are recipes. Another 100 is side stories about Hannah’s friendships and relationships. The final 100 is the mystery, but it’s often dragged out, so you need to like those types of formats. I do, as I get thru them in 2 hours. But they’re not for substance.

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  2. I’m a long-time fan of Fluke’s, and I love cozies, so thanks for the nice review. I’ll probably like it more than you did. Trying the recipes: good idea, because the times I’ve done so and taken the results to work or wherever, I’ve gotten rave reviews.

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