Day: February 6, 2019

Author & Book Spotlight: “The Shifts” by Mike Nees

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I’d like to share a short story in publication for you to consider reading. It’s by the son of a blogger I really enjoy chatting with. You can click the full review below, but here’s a snippet to give you a preview of what it’s about… perhaps we can buddy read it in the future! Take a look and follow the blogger, too… always great content.

‘The Shifts is an entertaining short that carries a moral message.  The title’s name is referring to factory work.  The jobs are “a miracle” for the poor.  Everyone fit will have work (…) twelve hours of pay, twelve minutes of work.  The tale reads like a black-and-white (think “The Twilight Zone,”) mix of sci-fi, supernatural fantasy, and horror.  There is also a strong dose of family drama, asking the question: what would you do for your child?’

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