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Book Review: Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell

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Flesh and Blood (Kay Scarpetta #22)Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Kay Scarpetta series clearly shows the work of a brilliant imagination, clever plotter, intelligent and savvy mind who understands people, and intense soul. After 22 books, I’m unable to put them down… and knowing what it’s like to write a series, I’m in awe of Patricia Cornwell’s talent. With Flesh and Blood, the 22nd of ~25, she continues building and developing a set of characters I often feel are so real, they’re sitting in my living room or bedroom as I’m reading… being their usual sarcastic and bitchy selves… poking a stick in my direction to do more with my life… urging me to push the boundaries. That’s the kind of character I love to experience.

So… why just 3 stars? I think the question for this book and my opening paragraph really goes back to the definition of a book review. Is it an honest opinion of a standalone book? An opportunity to highlight what you liked about it so others might read it? A chance to just complain because you prefer to focus on the negatives? A comparison of it to other books in its genre? A focus on its place within the entire series? A commentary on how well the author conveys something (a) new, (b) different, (c) above standard, (d) comforting, (e) I could go on forever… I often see other people’s reviews and wonder… what were they thinking? do they just like to be mean? Are they so easily contented they give high ratings because they love the author? I’m not judging anyone at all, I’m merely highlighting different ways of writing a review.

That said, I ask again… why just 3 stars from me? To me, a 3 star book is one that is a good read, has interesting parts, has not so interesting parts, doesn’t stand out from the rest of its genre/series/author/type, has no egregious errors, and leaves me feeling okay but not thirsting to read a sequel or another book by the author. Given I love this series, I will read them all, but I might think twice about picking up a different series.

Flesh and Blood has all the gore, science, technology, and deep-rooted psychology I’ve come to adore in the author’s style and books. The writing is good, but not stellar. It didn’t force me to read more chapters, but I didn’t feel it was painful to read. I think it fell prey to average plot with no standout characters other than the main 4 (Benton, Lucy, Marino, and Kay). If we had a powerful viewpoint from the killer, or a strong secondary character who was loved or hated by one of the main ones, I might have latched on a bit more.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, but I wouldn’t rate is one of the higher ones in the series. I didn’t rush at night to get to bed to read. Thankfully, it was a buddy read with my friend Medhat which is always fun… so that helped since we could discuss it along the way. I’ll still be borrowing the next one from the library in March, so stay tuned for more on this series from me.

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