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Book Review: Patch: United States Marshal: Wanted Dead by Russ Towne

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Patch: United States Marshal: Wanted Dead: A Classic New Western Action Adventure From The Author of Patch: United States Marshal: Wanted Dead: A Classic New Western Action Adventure From The Author of “A Bullet In The Neck” by Russ Towne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Russ Towne has found another genre to excel in. I’ve read a few of his books in the past, including one other Western, but this new book–part of a future series about US Marshal Patch Elkins–is a winner. At ~150 pages, it chronicles the US Marshall’s life as he navigates the ‘territory’ to bring in criminals. Unfortunately, there’s a price on more than just the criminals’ heads this time…

My favorite aspect of this book is how much the story tells ‘above and beyond’ the words, for instance… life was insane back in the ‘old days’ of Western adventures. No cars, minimal maps, changing territorial boundaries, it took days to spread the word about outlaw problems via newspapers, it might take a month before someone found a dead body, etc. By reading this book, I actually realized what life was like for a US Marshal during those days. People died in tragedies all the time, just like they do now, but we didn’t hear about it the second it occurred in the days of long ago.

When an author can push you to think beyond ‘what you know,’ you’ve found someone fantastic. Towne’s style is easy-to-read, informative, and reflective. While being an outlaw and traveling by horseback across a territory can be intense, the book is not a totally dark and instructional take on this type of life. It’s not light and fluffy either. There’s a balanced equilibrium where we see love, blood, fighting, anger, death, and hope. Towne shows us how two strangers can bond, how a young teen needs a role model, how what’s fair doesn’t always occur, and how a man with an injury can still protect himself and the country.

I’m excited to see how this series develops. Kudos on an excellent book for a non-typical reader. View all my reviews

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