Book Alert: Strong Leading Female Characters

I’m excited to share a video about 4 fantastic books I’ve read… all centered around strong female leading characters… check it out!

Leading female characters are a force to be reckoned with! They present the kind of strength and dynamics that are both admired and envied. I love to completely bury myself in books where the story lines are driven by headstrong and capable women! It’s empowering, uplifting, and admirable to say the least! Today, a few fellow Creativia authors and I would like to present a sample of our own books that feature STRONG LEADING FEMALE CHARACTERS! Enjoy, and click-through the links for more!

1st Stop: WATCHING GLASS SHATTER, by James J. Cudney

Purchase HERE:

Direct Book Quote:

** As she left the bedroom, Olivia ignored the dirtycup still sitting on Ben’s nightstand, its importance far less than anything else in her life these days. Time had arrived to arrange for her sons’ return home to honor Ben’s memory on what would have been his seventieth birthday, but also so she could rebuild the bonds between brothers. She needed to stop obsessing over the letter and determine how to help her sons fix their problems. The letters had become an unfortunate crux to lean on, a red herring for what loitered among her years of ignorance… a rabbit hole to get lost in… and she was too old to play Alice. **

Find more from James J. Cudney on his Website, Blog, and his Amazon Page!


2nd Stop: HEIR OF DOOM the Roxanne Fosch Files Book 2, by Jina S. Bazzar

Purchase HERE:

Direct Book Quote:

** Because there was nowhere to run, I waited until the passenger door opened… only to find myself staring at the barrel of Logan’s gun. The little jolt of fear that zinged through me was skillfully hidden under a blank façade.

“Get in,” he snapped tightly. His shoulders were tense, his eyes held annoyance and irritation, but no anger or hints of crazed triumph. Two things I gathered in that instance. One, if he was going to shoot me he would have done it the moment the door opened. Two, the expression on his face told me he didn’t want me dead.

I eyed him and was proud my gaze didn’t waver. My hesitation only seemed to irritate him more, although I guessed his crankiness stemmed from following me around for the past few days. I weighed my options. I had this curious hunch and was tired and aching enough to not think better on it, so I turned my back on him and walked—shuffled—away, despite my body begging for the warm comfort the Range Rover could
provide for a few hours. **

Find more from Jina Bazzar on her Blog and her Amazon Page!


3rd Stop: KALORAMA ROAD, by E. Denise Billups

Purchase HERE:

Direct Book Quote:

**An invisible threat festers, warning and urging me to recapture lost memories scattered in cerebral crevices. Undaunted’s blog, the mysterious manuscript, and the campus photo of Patrice and Penelope are only frazzles—pieces of a daunting puzzle. There’s a reason Penelope’s resurfaced two years later with her friend’s stolen online identity. I sense a scheme intended to unearth Patrice’s disappearance. She’s providing small clues, guiding me closer to Patrice. Detective Pennington, Senator Murphy, is the PayPal address also evidence?

Penelope didn’t want to publish the novel. It’s a subtle entrapment. She knows something about that party, and if she does, it’s because she was there. God, if only I could remember. I don’t have a choice but to follow the next clue. I dial information for Patrice Jensen’s number at Ninety Windsor Street, Chevy Chase, Maryland. The operator reveals the address belongs to Doctor Mark and Connie Jensen. Another piece of the puzzle fits. I suppose they’re Patrice’s parents or relatives. Hesitantly, I dial the number. A woman answers and warily I ask, “Is this Mrs. Jensen?” **

Find more from E. Denise Billups on her Blog and Amazon Page!


4th Stop: SEARCH FOR MAYLEE, by Didi Oviatt

Purchase HERE: (FREE Feb. 22-26)

Direct Book Quote:

** The afternoon Maylee’s case was practically declared unsolvable and doomed for a cold shelf life, all hope drained from Autumn. Her car was left in the parking lot, and slow dragging feet carried her home, she moved in a blurry haze. Amidst the draining three mile walk to her front porch, the heat transformed into gloom, and before Autumn knew it she was engulfed in rain. The weather as unforgettably odd.

The door swung open, and she collapsed onto the floor, unable to take in air. Anxiety surged through her body in waves, and salty tears streamed down her face. God only knows how long she lay paralyzed on the floor before she got up and ran out the door. Pushing herself through the stinging oversized drops of rain, she rounded a corner and made her way to the beach. Giant deadly ocean swells had never looked so inviting, but she refused stop, continuing to run faster. Step after painful step in the sand, she pushed forward. **

Find more from Didi Oviatt on her Blog and Amazon Page!


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  1. I really need to read Search for Maylee. I’ve had it on my kindle for a while now. I will be reading book 2 in the Roxanne Fosch series soon and I can’t wait for your next book. I haven’t heard of the other book I should look it up.

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    As long-time readers of this blog will know, I can never get enough of strong female characters, whether in books, movies, or on TV. Thanks to James J. Cudney from This is My Truth Now for this post highlighting four such heroines in fiction, with excerpts chosen by their authors. Check out their books online, or in your nearest bookstore!

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