Book Review: Murder Once Removed by S. C. Perkins (Blog Tour Stop)

Welcome! I’m a stop today on the blog tour for a new book titled Murder Once Removed by S.C. Perkins. A few key facts about the book before I share my review and other information about the blog tour:

Cozy Mystery

1st in Series – An Ancestor Detective Mystery

Minotaur Books (March 19, 2019)

Hardcover: 336 pages

ISBN-10: 1250189039

ISBN-13: 978-1250189035

Digital ASIN: B07D2BJ2JT

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S.C. Perkins’ Murder Once Removed is the captivating first mystery in the Ancestry Detective series, in which Texas genealogist Lucy Lancaster uses her skills to solve murders in both the past and present.

Except for a good taco, genealogist Lucy Lancaster loves nothing more than tracking down her clients’ long-dead ancestors, and her job has never been so exciting as when she discovers a daguerreotype photograph and a journal proving Austin, Texas, billionaire Gus Halloran’s great-great-grandfather was murdered back in 1849. What’s more, Lucy is able to tell Gus who was responsible for his ancestor’s death.

Partly, at least. Using clues from the journal, Lucy narrows the suspects down to two nineteenth-century Texans, one of whom is the ancestor of present-day U.S. senator Daniel Applewhite. But when Gus publicly outs the senator as the descendant of a murderer—with the accidental help of Lucy herself—and her former co-worker is murdered protecting the daguerreotype, Lucy will find that shaking the branches of some family trees proves them to be more twisted and dangerous than she ever thought possible.


My Review

Murder Once RemovedMurder Once Removed by S.C. Perkins
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Sometimes I get so busy that I don’t catch all the books flying at me for giveaways, ARCs, or blog tours. Other times, I’m lucky to have friends who know me incredibly well. Nina (@TheCozyPages) privately messaged me to ensure I saw this book was available for a blog tour. I hadn’t caught it, but then I immediately signed up for a read and review. I have limited time while I’m writing my own books to allow me to take on anything more than a regular read / review, but this was one blog tour I didn’t want to miss. My post isn’t for another 7 days, but I’m writing the review now while it’s fresh in my mind! Then I’ll add in all the graphics and other content to lure the readers in! What a funtastic read… I’m glad and grateful for the opportunity. Where to start?

A genealogical mystery? Hmm… three of my favorite things include genealogy, mysteries, and book series. It’s a setup, I was bound to love it. S.C. Perkins’ debut in the ‘Ancestry Detective’ cozy series, Murder Once Removed, is a strong lead in for the future. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading it. For instance, would the murder occur in history or in something more current? Would it potentially contain murders in both as well as flip between time periods so we know what happened years ago? Possibly… I can’t give away all the secrets, now can I? Ultimately, I was quite happy with the structure, story, and approach.

Lucy Lancaster, a ~30ish genealogist in Texas, is hired to trace the family tree for a wealthy family whose son is running for office. It seems the opponent is someone who has it in for the family, too. When the patriarch also asks the protagonist to prove someone murdered a relative in the mid/late 19th century, Lucy digs up photographic evidence that it wasn’t just an accident. But when she traces a long-lost journal that identifies the initials and a few facial features of the killer, it can only be referring to a handful of people from that period. And one of them is related to the opponent. How deadly will this secret be to keep? Quite deadly if you don’t watch you back. Someone wants Lucy to stop her research, but she’s passionate about solving her cases.

What a different way to tell the story! From reading land records to tracing family trees, the various suspects are revealed along with the usual motive, opportunity, and means thrown in by the pesky police. Yes, if you’re not a fan of genealogy, you might not love the frequent references to “third cousin once removed” versus “great great great this or that…” but for me, it was a thrilling ride. I love this type of stuff and truly connected with the characters and the investigation. A few folks might notice some minor liberties with what documentation or artifacts were available specific to that region or time period, but ultimately, this is fiction… and it will always have some level of exaggeration to fit the plot. I read a book for the story and the beauty in how it comes together, not to find an exact perfect replica of reality. I already have that am trying to escape it! 🙂

I will definitely continue with this series and can’t wait for the next one!

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About the Author

S.C. Perkins is a fifth-generation Texan who grew up hearing fascinating stories of her ancestry and eating lots of great Tex-Mex, both of which inspired the plot of her debut mystery novel. Murder Once Removed was the winner of the 2017 Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery competition. She resides in Houston and, when she’s not writing or working at her day job, she’s likely outside in the sun, on the beach, or riding horses.

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I hope you enjoyed stopping by my blog to be part of this fun tour. Many thanks to Lori Caswell (Dollycas) @ Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours for including me in this opportunity. It’s been a blast… can’t wait until my next tour with them. Tell me what you thought of the blog tour, the review, and whether you’re gonna read this book! 
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  1. I enjoyed your review, but I do have a question. Were you convinced that a political career could be ruined by a murder committed by an ancestor? I know there is nothing crazier than politics, but still…

    Liked by 1 person

    • In today’s world, you are 100% correct. This did take place in modern times, but it was focused around Texas… maybe there it might? It seemed to be a bunch of egos that were afraid of having a reputation sullied, and perhaps that was more what they didn’t want to happen!

      Liked by 1 person

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