Day: March 19, 2019

Book Review: The Champagne Conspiracy by Ellen Crosby

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The Champagne Conspiracy (Wine Country Mysteries, #7)The Champagne Conspiracy by Ellen Crosby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Champagne Conspiracy by Ellen Crosby is the 7th book in the ‘Wine Country Mysteries’ series that takes place in Virginia. So far, this is my favorite and earns 4.5 star. What a roller coast ride for an avid genealogist, historian, wine-lover, and cozy fan.

Three families, all connected to Lucie Montgomery, the main character in the series. A secret affair with President Harding in the early 20th century. A famous California winery with a potential change in ownership. A death from a century ago, then another one happening in current times. Chock full of mystery and connections, I couldn’t put this one down. At times, the overly complex set of relationships and time period needed some additional attention and re-read, but that’s what happens in a genealogical mystery. I loved it!

Between the explanation for how champagne (or sparkling wine) is created and the extra-marital affairs President Warding had (I hadn’t been familiar), I felt like I learned so much in this book. It pushes the line from cozy mystery into mid-range mystery, but I was totally fine with it. It added a little something extra this time, and that can be a fun change.

The characters evolve in this book, too. Quinn and Lucie’s relationship reaches a new level. Her cousin, Dominique, is presented with an amazing opportunity. Her brother, Eli, grows up. It’s such a fascinating family… I really want the youngest sister to come back for a visit again.

Already ordered the next one… can’t wait to read it.

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