Book Review: Sconed to Death by Lynn Cahoon

Sconed to Death (Cat Latimer Mystery #5)Sconed to Death by Lynn Cahoon
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I am an avid cozy mystery series reader. Last fall, I began reading the Cat Latimer Mystery series by Lynn Cahoon, beginning with the 4th book that had been recently published at the time — also when I’d won a giveaway copy or participated on a blog tour (can’t remember!) and needed to read it ASAP! I enjoyed it so much, I went back to the beginning and caught up on the series. This 5th book comes out in a couple of months, but NetGalley generously approved me an ARC to read. I am a lucky guy for that reason as well as it having been quite a good book. 4.5 stars from me.

In this caper, the writer’s retreat group is all normal / fun. No one is mean and trying to hurt each other, at least as far as we know. A few old friends pop up to visit Cat, and her relationship with Shauna and her Uncle Pete is really put to the test. Dee Dee, a rival baker, has it out for Shauna. Too bad a famous chef winds up dead and gets between them. Was it Dee Dee? The chef’s brother or sister-in-law? A college employee with a vengeance? The health inspector? A mysterious fan? So many to choose from… the story kept me interested from start to finish. I was glad we saw Dante for a few pages, too, as I want him to come back from and center soon.

Sometimes you read a series for the mystery, other times it’s due to the setting and characters. For me, this book’s mystery was a little too easy to solve but it did have merit on many levels. On the flip side, the side stories and the everyday happenings in the main characters’ lives were superb. Overall, I’m very happy with this new release and glad to see the series continues to shine. What’s even better, in the back of the book, the title and publication date for the 6th book has been made available. It’s not even listed on Goodreads, but I’ve got 10 months to wait, so maybe I should check out her other series, right?

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  1. Lynn Cahoon is one of my favourite authors. Her stories and characters always entertain me. This one sounds just as enjoyable, but too bad the mystery is an easy one to solve. I am on the blog tour for this one in June, so haven’t read it yet, but will eventually.😊😉

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