Day: April 24, 2019

Indigo Acres Apiary

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Today I step away from focusing on books to present the brand new website for my sister’s beekeeping business. Many of you remember Roda from her blogging days throughout the last couple of years. While she’s still very active on social media, her spare time (yeah, right!) has been focused on building an amazing new section on her farm, Indigo Acres, to launch an apiary – a home for bees! I’ve even seen the bee suits!!!

Isn’t it a beautiful logo?

I had the privilege of visiting Roda last fall when she only had two hives in production… now there are too many to count! She’s always painting new ones and preparing the landscape for their arrival. What an awesome place Indigo Acres was, and that was in the fall-turning-winter season when everything was starting to go into hibernation mode. Now, it’s quickly coming out for spring and showing all the brilliance of Roda’s hard working and planning. Check out the site for amazing pictures and videos.

Congratulations to Indigo Acres Apiary on their launch week! If you are interested in purchasing honey or other products, participating in small group hive experiences, or planning a custom package to understand more about saving the bees, creating pollinator gardens, or learning more about caring for these buzzing little creatures, you should definitely check out the site. There are links to all the social media sources so you can connect on various platforms. Start with the site here Indigo Acres Apiary and have your very own magical experience!