Book Alert: Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson & Gerardo Delgadillo

I’m sharing a limited-time opportunity for fans of young adult literature. Bacon Pie, a wonderfully acclaimed novel by Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo, is available for only .99 cents on 4/27.

Book Overview

Lia Abbie has the easy life—kicking it back with old school video games, hanging out with her best friend Barnabas, and alternating her living schedule between the apartments of her two dads and her mom. Kiev Jimenez is a theater geek who loves him some Shakespeare and taking care of his pet armadillo. He has one set goal in life: obtaining the role of Horatio for the Hamlet school play. When a showdown between Lia and Kiev lands them in the principal’s office, they’re forced into volunteer work at the cringe-worthy Piggy Palooza Festival, or risk being suspended. Lia and Kiev aren’t thrilled about the situation, especially when it interferes with Lia’s relaxed life and Kiev’s theater role. But by working together, they may find more than just bacon—possibly a little love in the air.


You can learn more about the book on Goodreads or BookBub, and you can purchase it via Amazon. Between all the sites, it has hundreds of reviews and is still receiving mostly 5 stars. If you’re not convinced yet… check out my full review below…

“What I love most about this book is how it’s a finely balanced tale showcasing a few months’ events in a mixed group of teens without trying to teach huge moral lessons or be more than it needs to be.”

My Review of Bacon Pie



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