Book Review: Who Killed Vivien Morse? by Diana J. Febry

Who Killed Vivien Morse? (DCI Peter Hatheral Mystery #4)Who Killed Vivien Morse? by Diana J. Febry
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Who Killed Vivien Morse? is the 4th book in the ‘DCI Peter Hatheral Mystery’ series written by Diana J. Febry. I enjoyed the book a lot, but I’m kicking myself now for breaking one of my normally cardinal rules — Don’t read a series out of order! Truthfully, you can read this as a standalone novel; I just prefer to read them in order, and I don’t know what possessed me not to do it here. That said, I can confidently say I will go back and pick up the others later this year, so I’m current and caught up on author Febry’s clever and fun series before a new one (hopefully) comes out.

Written in third-person POV, our perspective shifts from not only the main detectives on the case but to the criminal and a few other people involved in the case; it’s done by chapter, so you won’t be confused at all. A police-procedural of sorts, we follow Hatheral and his team while they try to find who killed a young social worker in a small English town. While I wouldn’t exactly call this a cozy, it’s within such a range but also has a nice foray into a bit darker and more visceral (all in a good way). I liked the puns and balance between light and heavy; it clearly shows the author’s vast range.

As for plot… we’ve got a prison escape, a missing fortune, a young girl who was run down by a car, a mysterious social worker’s client visits, an odd family hiding secrets, and a stranger who is snooping in people’s cottage windows. What could they all have to do with one another? At first, I thought I’d figured it out, but by 2/3 of the way, I was thrown for a nice loop and rethought my guesswork. The characters are vivid. Some are flighty, a few are mean, and another group are purposefully misleading. It keeps you on your toes as a reader trying to decide what they know that we don’t know. I like these kinds of tales because we can play detective or sit back and watch it unfold ourselves. I did a little of both!

Febry’s first few chapters are extremely well-written. I’m only focusing on those because that’s what often makes or a breaks a book for me. It’s not necessarily about whether the plot is good, but how well the author paints the picture for a reader. It flowed quite well, and I found myself immediately immersed in the detective’s life, the victim’s tragedy, and the various clues being dropped about. I connected with the writing style as a fellow author and felt we had a similarity in sentence structure and flow… hence why I probably found this such an easy read. Kudos to the author for nailing the first few chapters, so that readers know right away they’ve found a solid one!

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