Book Alert: Wine Country Mysteries by Ellen Crosby

In the past, I used to share a weekly author alert on my blog. Often it was a new indie writer I’d come across, or it might have been one I really enjoyed reading. Since I’ve given up writing my 365 Daily Challenge and have been posting mostly book reviews and my own book promotions, I decided I needed to get back to a few basics again. One of those will be sharing an alert on authors and series I’ve either finished or gotten caught up on and am awaiting the next book.

I’ve been a major fan of series ever since I was a young child and participated in summer readathons at my local library. I used to sit for hours and read books only ever in order… I’m ashamed to say I have only been about 80% faithful to that rule of reading in order, but I’m trying to be as consistent as possible these days. This week, I’m starting with a series I actually have read in order — The Wine Country Mysteries by Ellen Crosby.

I think the Wine Country Mysteries might be my favorite series right now. There are 9 books currently published with the next one due out in the Fall of 2019. I can’t wait to take that one on, even hoping I get a NetGalley ARC or find a potential blog tour. Although they fall under the cozy mystery category, they are much more complex and dynamic. All the books have detailed histories on wine-making, American politics, and the forming of the US as a nation during the Revolutionary period. Crosby is brilliant when it comes to including facts about the past in her tales. I lap it up each time and truly find her to be an impressive author. I’ve only read this one series and not the other which has two books thus far. I might give it a chance in the future, but for now, I’m focused on the wine country!

Lucie Montgomery was injured in a car accident that left her with a limp and a cane. She inherited the family vineyard after her parents both died. While her mother was killed in an accident, her father might’ve been murdered. You’ll have to read one of the books to find out the truth. She has a brother and a sister, but we mostly only see the brother. There are a few local residents whom we’ve gotten to know, and even some who end up being killers in future books — I love it! We meet some of the help at the vineyard, the local cops and news reporters, and tons of out-of-town family. The supporting cast is wide and varied, but they always make you feel a connection to the story. My favorite books have been the ones about politics, even those that reveal presidential secrets (really, true ones!). Lucie is smart and dependable; she’s not nosy nor flighty. I would be friends with her, even if she is a little direct for my taste, at times. The best part, I’ve learned so much about wine that I can’t wait to test it all out. I doubt that will happen, since like books, there are more vintages or versions of wine than one could truly imbibe! All that said, I highly recommend this series. It’s solid and intriguing with each and every book.

Meet Ellen Crosby

For some links to a few sites that might help you decide to move forward, and to read my 9 reviews of the books in her Wine Country Mysteries, check these out:

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  1. This sounds like an interesting series. I like that the main character has a disability resulting from an accident. There are, unfortunately, a lot of people who can identity with that.

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