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Book Review: No Cats Allowed by Miranda James

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No Cats Allowed (Cat in the Stacks, #7)No Cats Allowed by Miranda James
Author Miranda James has done it again with the seventh book, No Cats Allowed, in the ‘Cat in the Stacks’ series. When you have a ruthless new executive overseeing the library, and this man annoys nearly everyone in town, I can’t wait to see him die in a perilous ‘accident.’ At least in books, of course. I certainly wouldn’t wish what happens to Oscar in this book on anyone in reality. I will say… I felt a certain kind of justice to know he was off’d in such a manner. Gone, but not forgotten, because of James’s fantastic writing and storytelling abilities.

Charlie Harris is our main character. Diesel is his Maine Coon cat, somewhere around 35 lbs. My dog, who is hard to manage, is 25 lbs. I can only imagine! Charlie has two grown children and a girlfriend. His wife passed away years ago but he pines away for her lovingly. I wish we’d had a chance to meet her, perhaps one day in a “historical story.” In this caper, everyone at the library is a suspect when it comes to who killed Oscar. We also meet a few other folks, namely his abused wife and her protective brother. Did they finally have enough of the man’s damage?

The best part of this story… when Oscar dies… Charlie has to step in to oversee the library. I love watching him manage other people, especially someone who treats him rather poorly because she wanted the job. James cleverly covers the HR side of the organization, and often, it hit too close to home for me. I’ve had many of the conversations he’s had with the HR department about staff, so I felt a nice kinship to the book. As always, the mystery is strong and the dialog rocks. I encountered the Ducote sisters again, albeit briefly, but it makes me smile.

And with that ending, Charlie has some stuff to deal with in the future: grandchildren, pets, and new boarders. What’s a guy to do? Well… this one will be ordering the 8th book so I can read it next week. Three more to catch up, then I’m current and waiting for his next release. YAY!

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