Book Review: Running Out of Space by S.J. Higbee

Running Out Of Space: Sunblinded One (Sunblinded Trilogy Book 1)Running Out Of Space: Sunblinded One by S.J. Higbee
I’ve followed author S. J. Higbee’s blog for the last year, and while I’m not usually a fan of science-fiction, I decided to read one of her books this month. Sometimes it’s less about the genre and more about the writing style or tone. I selected the first book, Running Out of Space, from her Sunblinded Trilogy, and read it over a few days this week on my Kindle. Let’s jump into the review…

Lizzy and her girlfriends are aboard a spaceship traveling all around. Unfortunately, women aren’t as valued as they should be; instead, they’re often considered simply baby makers. It doesn’t matter that Lizzy is strong and resourceful, she and her quickfire tongue and actions aren’t always welcomed. Her true parentage doesn’t even help make things easier, so the girl has got it rough at the beginning… but then things get worse — a friend is killed in what looks to be a surprise attack battle. Except, not everything is as it seems. What’s really going on here?

As Lizzy’s fate unfolds, she’s hurt physically and mentally by people she trusts or thinks she should trust. Lizzy also meets a guy who causes some new feelings to stir up, and he might not just think of her as a way to create a child. Unfortunately, their road to happiness doesn’t last very long… it seems Lizzy is constantly barraged with pain and problems. She’s a heroine you will feel tremendous things for, and along the path, you hope she finally finds a win. It’s too early to discover if that will happen in the series, as the first book ends without knowing her future fate. I’m curious to learn what happens in the next two of this trilogy!

The aspect of this book that struck me the most was how well written it was… Higbee definitely has a mega grip on how to articulate what’s going on inside Lizzy’s mind and those around her… especially when the friend who was killed ‘visits’ Lizzy on many occasions after she’s been killed. No spoilers here, you’ll have to read it yourself to understand what I mean. From descriptions to dialog, the story’s words really pop. I’d love to read a non-science-fiction book by Higbee, as I’m certain it would be a stellar match for me.

While the story and the characters were good, it was the writing in this one that which made the biggest impact on me. I’m confident science-fiction fans will absolutely love the plot and the futuristic feel of the book. I enjoyed it, but since this isn’t a genre I normally read, some of it probably went over my head. Nonetheless, I kept finding myself intrigued to see how well crafted the book could continue to get. And it did. This just goes to prove… sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone to experience other new things. You might find something you like, just as I did. Kudos to Higbee for creating a wonderful book, series, and clever writing tone that kept this reader happy!

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  1. This kind of “spaceship sci-fi” (as opposed to fantasy or apocalyptic sci fi) Is not usually my cuppa’ either, but it is a wonderful book–lots of action that keeps the reader turning pages). It was so good, I read the whole trilogy!

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  2. Thank you so much for your lovely review, James – and for spreading the word about the book! And I especially appreciate you sticking with it even though the genre isn’t generally your thing:)

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